August 16, 2018

Aug 16, 2018

Eddie Snider, which is Austen Marengo's grandfather, is grinding stumps today.  He used to own a dairy in McCalla, and leased the land that we live own.  He said that Republic steel used to own all this property and he wanted to buy in the 1970's for $300/acre, someone beat him at $600/acre.  Austin's dad, Eddie's son was killed in Hueytown near Roper's climbing a dead tree, he fell 60 feet to his death, this was in February 2017.  Mr. Snider worked at Cahaba tractor for years.  He owned some video rental places before going to work at Cahaba tractor and before that owned a dairy farm.  He owned all the property where tannehilll preserve is now, he sold property to Buckelew.


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