December 20, 2017

Dec 20, 2017

Four Circles:  Life, Year, Month, today

Life:  Weigh 150-160

Year: Lose 50 lbs

Month:  Lose 5 lbs/month

Today:  Drink 64 oz water


1 tsp of Cacoa Butter (my favorite brands are here)

1 tsp of MCT or Brain Octane (available here)

2 packets of Splenda (if you want a sweetener but it's important it is zero sugar)

8-16 oz of coffee

Blend all in a blender. It will be frothy and delicious!

I drink three of these a day. One upon waking. One after morning workout. One late morning or early afternoon. I do not eat until 11am or later each day.


You can substitute ghee, heavy whipping cream or canned coconut milk for cocoa butter. They flavor different.

Start with 1 tsp of the MCT oil! DO NOT start with 1 tbsp or you might have "disaster pants."


December 19, 2017

Dec 19, 2017

Stayed home today...did not exercise...feel bad about that.  Been watching videos by

Corinne Crabtree about losing weight.  She is very good.  Been watching Stranger things on Netflix...this is why I'm not exercising.

Stuff I ate today:  Greek Yogurt with blackberry syrup, chicken pot pie, 6 oreo thins...been trying to drink more water.

Corinne said start by just drinking the water...



November 6, 2017

Nov 06, 2017

Walked 39 minutes outside today.  Walked 5 minutes on treadmill and jogged 1.

Went to the US Steel Retirees Luncheon today at Bright Star.  Sat with Meg Glaze, Ken Burks, Alton Thompson, Mike Stockard, ?, Pittman owen.  


November 2, 2017

Nov 02, 2017

Really getting pissed off at my weight, actually myself.  Cannot make myself do what I need to do.  Healthy food does not taste good to me.  Not exercising like I should be.  I did do 100 jumps 3 times today on my mini trampoline.  I need to be walking or riding bike at least 3 times per week.

I did sit in front of the red light tonight for my face.

I am eating way too much sugar!!!  What is wrong with me??

I feel so bad, and this makes me want to be anti-social.

Also, lots of clutter in my life and mind.  So many things on the to-do list.


October 28, 2017

Oct 29, 2017

Jewel was put in hospital Tuesday due to massive bleeding from her vagina.  On Wednesday morning they went in and cauterized several places in her bladder to stop bleeding.  She was in ICU, moved to a room on Friday.


Went out to eat with Sandy and Glen Davis, Rick and Susan Conger, and Thomas's mother and husband.  Went to Bright Star.  It was very nice.

Matthew and Angel came up and brought Avery.  They registered at BBB.



October 9, 2017

Oct 09, 2017

Had a busy day today.  Took back flag display to Michaels, took place mats back to BBB, went by att to look for ipad cover and keypad.  Went to vet and got heartworm pills for dogs, then to wal-mart and Aldi's, and dropped clothes off at the thrift store.

Thinking tomorrow will be on the road again:  need to go feed Frannie's cats, return shirt to Penney's, go buy target and get gift card and get glasses adjusted, drop cpac hose by nursing home.

Tomorrow they will be drawing for trip at work....I do not have a passport, had a spell today could not find my social security card and birth certificate.  I finally found them. Put them in the brown folder with passport paperwork. Need to apply for passport when we get back from Gatlinburg.

Started cleaning out papers today..felt good to purge.  Looking to buy a document scanner to help organize everything.  Epson ES-500W or the Epson FF-640.

Rode bike for 35 minutes today...felt good to sweat.

Been reading 54 ways to abundance, pdf on ibooks on phone.

Also reading little book called Life - How did it get here by evolution or by creation.





October 2, 2017

Oct 02, 2017

Started getting sick Friday at Lunch, at some lemon Tiramusu from Aldis.  Went to Hoover UAB emergency room Sat morn at 5 am.  They gave me 2 bags of saline and zofran for nausenous and vomiting, also prescription for phenergin.  Well its Monday night and I am still struggling with my stomach and now diarhea.  Cole went to beach this weekend, got home today.

South gate fence came out and fixed the fence for 515.

Still working on the Howton's transaction.

Rick Epperson died last Thursday, his funeral will be this Sat.

Dewayne Crawford from work called to tell me about Rick's death.  Said that Kyle Bogardus is now over the hot mill, and moved David Crump to Kyle's position.



September 24, 2017

Sep 24, 2017

Had to put lil' bit down this morning.  She started suffering yesterday.   She fell yesterday and Dale went out and fed her an apple, she was very appreciative.  The boys went out during the night and wetted her mouth with water.  She survived until this morning.  Dale finally had to put her out of her misery.  She had a good long life, we approximate that she was around 35 - 40 years old.  We loved her and pampered her.  I can go around the house and see bird nests made of little white and black horse hair.  She was so feisty, if we were late with a feeding, she let us know quite verbally.  She was a smart thing...we could not figure how she was getting out of the pasture, one day at the kitchen window, I witnessed her bending thru the fat man squeeze.  I was told that was not possible, but it happened.  She used to get out and I would come home and find that someone tied her to the stop sign.  She was a mess...Lil' bit will be sorely missed, we all loved her, very, very much.  Will see her again on the other side.  I love you my little pony.


September 7, 2017

Sep 07, 2017

Unfortunately today was a shitty day at work.  Praying for better days.

I did ride bike for 30 minutes today.  Need to work on cleaner eating.


August 17, 2017

Aug 17, 2017

Walked 50 min this morning outside.  Stayed home today, got virus protection loaded, and paid Cole's tuition bill.  

Saw a 28 day challenge on facebook:

Drink one gallon of water

Exercise 20 minutes a day

Plank 30 minutes each morning



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