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I found your blog after your recent comment on the support forum. I...

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I understand how important vitamins are. Seriously. I just really detest the fact that one serving of my multi for bypass is THREE, the calcium "petites my a$$" citrates, are 2 x3=6 per day, and my iron is 2. B12 sublingual is 1 (not so bad), and extra

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I am getting closer to goal after some surgical healing complications and time on a feeding tube. I am hoping that later this month my surgeon will be on board to agree that it is time. My biggest anxiety is after doing so much to GAIN weight, making t

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Do we need to factor low stomach acid and food safety into our lives after bypass?

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Hey Everyone,

I realize that this is the RNY forum and I do not have a RNY; however, it is the most active, helpful forum for me so I take what I can use and so much of it has been helpful.

At my last bariatric appointment I was talkin

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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well as we move closer to August (already!). I had a food and anatomy related question. I am noticing that I can sometimes eat foods and they seem to be tolerated ok as I am eating them (the foods that are

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Counting Calories. How many of you count calories vs focusing on protein forward and solely intuitive eating? Can a formerly morbidly obese person be trusted to intuitively eat or should an individual track food and/or also calories? If you do count ca

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I admire your dedication to the process and journey of becoming your...

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I see your post on protein calorie malnutrition was written some number of years ago. I hope you are still doing well in your recovery if by some chance you come back on the boards and see this message.

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I am coming back around. What was supposed to be a simple day surgery diagnostic laparoscopy with possible feeding tube placement turned into something much much more complicated.

Some of my bowels were twisting and my surgeon thought that put

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I had my scheduled appointment with my specialist with my program on Friday. He was concerned about some things he saw on the CT scan and scheduled a diagnostic laparoscopy and feeding tube placement. These procedures are tomorrow. I am very anxious ba

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I hope everyone is staying nice and warm if it is cold where you are (or if you are just cold all the time after weight loss lol).

I wanted to post an update and also my experience in case anyone is like me and just reads the archive

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Just checking in. I spent a week in the hospital for what turned out to be marginal ulcer (or what the GI Dr called stitch ulcers?). I was on PPI post op and am only a few months post revision from sleeve to bypass so was still on the PPI but they have

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Okay, I will ask this question by explaining the best I can.

Most of you know my situation but for those who don't, I had some complications after bariatric sleeve surgery that required a revision to a modification mini gastric bypass. My GI

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Hello friends,

I had a question about fasting blood work. How does that work post op? Right now if I don't eat every few hours I start to feel unwell. I can't imagine fasting 8 or 12 hours right now for bloodwork. What are some things that hav

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Hi Everyone,

I hope it is okay I post here. I had a medical bypass. It was not RNY but it was a bypass and since this forum is so active I am hoping to learn from the members here. I am doing well with hydration and protein but right now my g

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Hi Members,

I am 2 weeks post op from a medical revision from gastric sleeve, (stricture, severe gastritis/GERD, hernia, etc) leading to too much weight loss. I had lost too much weight to have RNY by that point, (safely) and so a very conserva

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I am dealing with a stricture discovered 1 year after gastric sleeve. My...

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I am so frustrated. I had VSG about a year ago. I had a great surgeon and followed all the rules of the sleeve, stayed on track with mindset and have worked very diligently to be successful. Along the way I realized that I felt something wasn't quite r

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I have tried many vitamins, including bari melts and I can't seem to find one that doesn't make me feel nauseated. I need to be compliant with my vitamins. Does anyone have any suggestions that will help me stabilize my labs and get me on track without

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Hi fellow VSGers,

I am posting to see if there is anyone who has had a similar experience or maybe someone will have a similar experience in the future and this post might be useful to them.

I had VSG about 10 and a half months ago. I

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I know what vitamins it is suggested I take after my VSG. I am 7 months post op and have them but I struggle with compliance. Some have suggested setting a timer on my phone. Would other members be willing to share what they take and when as far as thr

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I was wondering if anyone had any feedback. I had VSG in June and I am strongly considering proceeding to the second part of the surgery, which is the DS. However, my BMI is lower now that I have lost weight. Is insurance likely t

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I was sleeved on 6/27/17. I did very well on my pre op and stuck to my post op guidelines. I became ill with a back to school cold from my children several weeks ago and ever since then I have really had no desire to eat or drink much if at

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