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Hi again everyone :)

I finally broke my stall I think! Down a couple pounds finally!!

I am on my 3rd week post op and I am more tired. Taking a shower is like a full day at work. I went back to work after a week but only worked a couple

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Hi everyone 😊

it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I’ve had my surgery. I weighed 281 the morning of, then after the surgery I weighed 289 due to swelling. I am down to 270.1 but I have been here for over a week. I’m super worried because I

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Just starting to try some mushy foods in my last 2 weeks of my liquid diet per my surgeon’s instruction. What kinds did y’all try?

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Hi all!

Today marks officially 2 weeks since my surgery. I’m on a liquid diet for 2 more weeks but my surgeon told me to start playing with mushy foods. So this morning my hubby made his DELICIOUS scrambled eggs and I had about 1/2 a tablespo

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Hi again! Almost 2 weeks since my RNY surgery. I am on liquids for 2 more weeks. My surgeon told me today he wants to me try some mushy food like cottage cheese, a soft egg, or yogurt in my last week to see how it goes. He wasn’t very positive about

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When did y’all go back to work after your RNY surgery? I’m part time and thankfully love my job - it’s been a little over a week since surgery and I tried to go back for just 2 hrs today and made it 1.5 hrs. I’m beating myself up. I just want t

sopranoduck wrote Lactose intolerance 1 wk post op 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Hi y'all! I am one week post op. I am in my 4 week post op liquid diet which consists of 60g protein from protein shakes and 64oz liquids. I had been using Premier Protein shakes but now I'm notici...

sopranoduck wrote Anyone else recently had RNY surgery? How is your recovery? 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Hi! I had my RNY on Monday, 5/17. I am on my 3rd day post op. I'm just wondering how anyone else is doing right after the surgery?

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