I had my lap and done 4 years ago I only lost 50 lbs. and have regained that plus

My dr. Left town without letting any of the patients know so I went off my diet did go to another dr. Had 1 refill in over a year. But if I eat bread or eat too fast my food still gets stuck. How can I get started again. I did not like the dr. I saw because he did not do my surgery he did not seem interested. And their is only one group of doctors now in Jacksonville fl.    — bettybee (posted on July 13, 2015)

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July 13, 2015
With any WLS procedure and regain, go back to basics. Eat like you did when you first had your surgery. Focus on protein first, then vegetables and minimize eating the simple carbs such as bread. I had RNY surgery in 2001 and if I eat too fast, food gets stuck. One of the best ways to be on track is to log your food. You can use OH's Health Tracker (under MYOH). Contact bariatric surgeons around the Jacksonville, FL area: You lost weight before and you can do it again!
   — Cathy W.

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