2003 bcbs traditional mi......and reconstructive surgery

I am 5'11 and round 220lbs i have lost 170lbs in one year thanks to Rny at BTC in ypsi-DR csorba. OK. I went for my Ps consult on blackout thursday and my stuff has been submitted on the 28th of August to BCBS traditional MI. I am currently seeing Dr. Vincent Dinick-please tell me your experience with him and his staff , bcbs traditional insurance, and also how your plastic surgery turned out-send before and after pics if ya got em--i reaaaaally need assurance and I am trying really hard to be optimistic and not run and go see another Ps(DR.HING) by the way does anyone know if DR Hing does the belt lift(insurance covered??? I need a full tt-high lateral or circumferential what should i do now? wait it out with Dr. Dinick or go see DR hing???    — NANA H. (posted on September 4, 2003)

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September 3, 2003
I can't help you... but have the same insurance and in the same state! LOL! I am going to be watching YOU to see what happens! Good Luck! --sharon
   — Sharon m. B.

September 3, 2003
I consulted with Dr.Hing and was very pleased. As for the insurance covering it...I have Messa BCBS also in Michigan and they will cover a TT but not a body lift. You need to call your insurance co directly and ask them what procedure codes are covered thereby avoiding a mess. Good Luck:) Elizabeth lap rny 12-13-02 268/156
   — E M.

May 23, 2015
Do you know what the procedure codes are for Messa BCBS? They are VERY vague when I called to see exactly what the requirements are. I have the 100#, back ache w/ chiro, sores w/ scripts, but I'm not sure my panni hangs down low enough.
   — pigletom

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