Lower stoma not resticting

Lower stoma is not holding in any food/liquids in my stomach, just had an upper gi, and they showed me how it just shot right through my stomach. I believe this is cause to have a revision, and believing medicare and medicaid will pay? What do you think? And then I have to pick between the stitching it up, or lap banding it. Hmmm what to do if insurance will cover. I am 50 lbs or more from goal weight, and 20-30 lbs short of sleeping with cpap again, and who knows when other obesity health issues will develope hope none will happen, hoping to get the revisition first.?    — Tammi H. (posted on April 24, 2015)

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April 30, 2015
It is good that you've had an upper gi and have the documentation to show medical necessity. Contact your insurance (Medicare and Medicaid) at the number on the back of your insurance cards. Explain to them what you have per the upper gi and find out if it is covered. If it is, ask for a list of surgeons that accept your insurance that perform revisions. Contact the surgeon(s) for consults. I wish you the best of luck!
   — Cathy W.

July 19, 2015
UpDate.... Dr said it isn't serious, not danger, and so he refused to do the revision, saying it wouldn't last long, so not worth his attempt, I was a bit upset. He wanted me to do things that my insurance would no way cover, see a dietician, weight loss management or something like that. So I guess I will have to struggle with what I have, or try to find another Dr.
   — Tammi H.

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