My BMI is 33.9 I have arthritis, acid reflux and chronic back pain(due to the arthri)

   — BarbiePayne (posted on September 16, 2015)

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September 17, 2015
Your BMI is generally high enough to qualify you for bariatric surgery if you have comorbid conditions such as diabetes (type II), hypertension, sleep apnea or other potentially life-threatening medical conditions. If you're interested in WLS, check with your insurance if they cover WLS and how to proceed. You might need to start with your primary care doctor or, depending on your insurance, you could start the process of researching bariatric surgeons. You can search bariatric surgeons in your area on OH by using the "Find a Bariatric Surgeon" at the upper right hand search box on this page. You could also contact OH's Member Services to request their help in researching a surgeon. Their email is [email protected] Best of luck to you!
   — Cathy W.

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