2015 Osteopenia Update and Help needed

I see old posts about ostreopenia and need new information. 2015 - 6 years post op RNY, have kept all weight off, exercise consists of walking, hiking, dancing - 20% bone loss right left hip - what medicine is the best to stop this that will not hurt my stomach? My Dr. who did RNY left town, there is no RNY support locally or with in an hour away - PCP not sure what is best course of treatment. Can anyone offer current information on this issue? Melissa 607 235 6681    — m648c (posted on June 22, 2015)

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June 23, 2015
I suggest you locate a gynecologist and get established with one for your well woman care. This would include bone density scans and appropriate medication for osteoporosis. I know that many RNY post-ops take Fosamax. For additional info, copy/paste the URL below:
   — Cathy W.

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