Medicaid doctor close to joliet, il

Anyone know of doctor that takes Illinois Medicaid for bariatric ? I live close to Joliet, but really don't want to go to Chicago    — beverly1969 (posted on March 2, 2015)

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March 5, 2015
In order to obtain the more current and updated information, call the number on the back of your Medicaid card. Ask them for a list of bariatric surgeons in your area that accept Medicaid. From the list, you can research each one on ObesityHelp at the URL below: Click on the surgeon's name and review their profile. If after reviewing their profile you'd like to meet them, call their office to confirm they take Medicaid and schedule to attend an Informational Seminar. Good luck to you and your WLS journey.
   — Cathy W.

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