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    I am a licensed professional counselor in Gainesville GA who helps women:

    • build their self confidence
    • learn to love themselves
    • manage emotional eating
    • reach their goals
    • develop self compassion
    • find hope and motivation

    I had weight loss surgery over 13 years ago. I learned to accept myself, inside and out. I developed a healthier relationship with food and with the people in my life. These experiences have allowed me a way of connecting with my clients that is professional but also very real. I had to learn:

    • I am more than a number on the scale
    • Losing weight doesn't solve everything
    • I can eat to live without living to eat
    • Things still go wrong sometimes
    • I can survive (and thrive) even when they do

    Fixing or working on one area of our lives won't magically solve everything, but it will go a long way toward figuring out what is at the root of our behavior. Then, we can figure out how to address that pain or problem so we can start growing...and living!

    Counseling or therapy doesn't mean you have to have a diagnosis.

    Many people seek a counselor to help them manage issues in their life that come up from time to time that they don't know how to handle in the moment. Learning skills to manage those situations help us move forward and gain confidence so that we can better deal with those situations in the future.

    I want to give you the opportunity to feel hopeful again, to feel relieved that someone understands where you are and to feel motivated to move forward.

    Contact me today to schedule a free 30 minute in-office consultation.

    I believe that it will be the start of amazing changes in your life that will move you toward the happiness you deserve.

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