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Unflavored Protein Powder by Unjury Protein Supplements - Protein Powder

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    UNJURY Unflavored Protein People who love Unflavored say they try a few things to find their favorite beverage to mix with it. It tends to disappear in fruit-flavored Crystal Light for example. Some customers like using Unflavored in the milk for their cereal…it really boosts the protein! Available in:Single-Serve Packet, $1.99Container - 15 Servings, $20.95 For all UNJURY flavors, do not use in liquids hotter than 140º F. Proteins, when heated, change texture. For example, you have seen an egg white go from a clear gel, to firm white, when cooked. For UNJURY, in a hot liquid, the proteins tend to clump. A food thermometer is a good way to get the temperature nicely warm…just right.  Note: We don’t recommend mixing Unflavored UNJURY in plain water  Ingredients: Whey protein isolate and soy lecithin  Contains: Milk and soy. See note below.  Allergen Information: Manufacturing employs practices designed to segregate ingredients on equipment that also processes egg, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, soy, fish and shellfish products. 
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    avatar charmang on Dec. 23, 2017

    this product is WONDERFUL! I add it to just about everything!

    avatar Heather B. on July 8, 2013

    What a great product! Great to add to foods to beef up the protein value!

    avatar Poodle_Mom on June 7, 2013

    I add this to just about everything.

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