Review a Surgeon, Hospital or Professional

The ObesityHelp Review system allows you to write reviews for multiple surgeons, professionals, and hospitals. Leaving a fair and objective review of your experience can help others that are going through the process make better informed decisions on their journey. To leave a review you will need to be logged and then directly on the professional's profile that you would like to to leave a review for.

Once there, you will need to locate the "Write Review" button on the profile and click that.


Once you click "Write Review", you will then be prompted with a form to fill out.

  1. Indicate whether you were a patient of this provider for the time period that this review applies to.
  2. Rate the provider on a scale of one to five stars (one being the worst and five being the best) on each of the categories. For plastic surgeons and hospitals, you will see a series of questions for this section, whereas for baratric surgeons and other professionals, you will only see an "Overall" rating.
  3. Write your comments about the provider here. You can be as detailed as you wish in your account of your experience. Please make sure to adhere to the guidelines provided on the right side of the page (in the grey box) while writing your review.

Once you are finished filling out the form, click "Post Review" to submit your review!


To  edit or delete a review at a later date...

Go to your MyOH -> Medical History


Once there, you will click on the "Reviews" tab to locate your reviews. From that screen,  you will be able to edit or delete your reviews.

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