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How to get rid of ketosis smell?

on 2/23/10 5:56 pm - AL
My friend says I stink.  She says it smells like ketosis.  How do I get rid of it?  I sure can't smell it.  It isn't gas.

How do you start adding carbs back without freaking out about gaining?

How embarrasing.


on 2/23/10 6:02 pm - VA
Water, water, water and more water.

You don't want to add carbs back in. I'm confused. Why do you want to add carbs in?

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on 2/23/10 6:40 pm - AL
I thought the ketosis smell was from too few carbs?  I haven't been counting my water altho it seems like I am constantly drinking.  I will start counting my ounces tomorrow and see if I can increase it by quite a bit.

* Gail R *
on 2/23/10 6:19 pm - SF Bay Area, CA
I don't think you can count on it being ketosis if you are not in a rapid weight loss period. I test my urine with ketostix and haven't had much ketosis since two weeks out of surgery.

~Gail R~  high wt.288,  surg wt 274, LW 143, CW 153,  GW164

on 2/23/10 6:41 pm - AL
If not ketosis then what is it?  Where do you find the ketostix?  I'm going to test.  Thanks for that idea.


* Gail R *
on 2/23/10 7:03 pm - SF Bay Area, CA
I have them because my son and I are diabetic. I think they may be over the counter at the pharmacy-not certain though.  I can't hazard a guess as to what else it could be. This has been such a long dark damp winter that I found some of my clothing got sour smelling and I had to redo a lot of laundry. I am accustomed to my dogs odor but they can be stinky and maybe affect their owners scent? Guessing isn't a very good way to make friends....

~Gail R~  high wt.288,  surg wt 274, LW 143, CW 153,  GW164

on 10/13/10 9:35 pm - San Francisco, CA
Yes, you can get them at Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS or pretty much any pharmacy. There's a chance they may not have Ketostix brand onhand, but they usually have some sort of ketosis-measuring sticks available.

I'm a long-term lowcarber and, at least before surgery, was mostly in some level of ketosis whenever I tested... but nonetheless was stalled for a lot of the past 3 years or so. So you can be in ketosis without the scale showing loss.

Drinking more water helps ****il your urine is as light as possible) and so does adding a small amount of carbs - just enough until the testers show you're only in light ketosis. Usually the smell comes when your ketosis level is deeper (and the sticks show the darker levels). Brushing your tongue is helpful, too.

Good luck!

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on 2/23/10 6:20 pm - Canada

Gina - Becky just reached goal so I assume that`s why she is asking about carbs.  Good for you Becky on avoiding them until girl - wish I had waited!

As for the ketosis smell my daughter mentions from time to time that I have an odour and I too catch a whiff sometimes of what I consider a metallic kind of smell though the other day I could have sworn a small baby had thrown up on me!  Oh the joys of this journey.

Hope the water works for you Becky!



on 2/23/10 6:41 pm - AL
Me too.


Kerry J.
on 2/23/10 6:26 pm - Santa Clara, UT
Not sure what your friend is smelling; when I had it Barb said my breath smelled different, but not really what she would call bad breath. As I understand it; most of the odor from ketosis comes out through your lungs; some may come through your pores. Breath mints and showers are the only things I know of to help get rid of it, other than drinking lots of water. Drinking lots of water helps wa**** through, showers wa**** off, breath mints hide it.

on 2/23/10 6:43 pm - AL
I'm showering.  I chewed gum just before meeting my friend but we met for lunch so I had to get rid of it.  I'm going to see how much water I am actually drinking and increase it.  Cross your fingers.


Kerry J.
on 2/23/10 7:07 pm - Santa Clara, UT
From my experience gum doesn't work as well as breath mints do; they seem to cover it better.
Amy Farrah Fowler
on 2/23/10 6:31 pm
Eat more carbs, and disguise the ketosis smell with a much stronger one. Sorry.
on 2/23/10 6:44 pm - AL
I'm pretty sure I am carbphobic. 

I'm going to go big on breath mints and water and see what happens.


on 2/23/10 8:15 pm
DS on 08/21/09 with
The way you metabolize the stored fat on your body is twofold:  You pee it out and you EXHALE it.  The smell your friend is referring to is an acetone smell, correct?  You aren't drinking enough water.  Since we are depending on our kidneys to pee out the metabolized stores of fat and we are breathing out the other portion, it makes great sense to keep our kidneys healthy by keeping them flushed out cleanly with lots of water. 

Ask your friend if the smell goes away after you drastically up your water intake.  There is great debate on the ketosis topic, whether or not it's a good condition for your body to be in and what not.  But the acetone breath smell appears when you need more fluids, that much is generally agreed upon.  You also will smell that acetone breath on a child with a fever. 
on 2/24/10 8:23 am - AL
Thank you for explaining why I need more water.  I will definitely increase the water and report back here.


on 2/25/10 6:19 pm
I too am having this problem!  My co-workers have mentioned it at work and it is sooooo embarassing.  I am trying to increase my water intake but I am such a pop drinker that I am finding it difficult.  Have you had this acetone breathe?
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on 2/25/10 8:44 pm - Lancaster County, PA
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on 2/25/10 8:45 pm - Lancaster County, PA
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on 2/24/10 10:55 pm - Lancaster County, PA
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There is great debate on the ketosis topic, whether or not it's a good condition for your body to be in and what not. 

Where is this debate taking place?  On the OH boards??  Could you provide a link please. I too am diabetic.