Duodenal Switch With Single Anastomosis

Amy, Daredevil

on 12/4/13 4:57 pm - Los Angeles, CA
DS on 08/06/13

Anyone heard of this procedure: Duodenal Switch With Single Anastomosis?

I have no idea what it means, but just wondering if anyone has heard of it or had it done.


(I have a Google News alert set up so that I get alerted to any news articles about the DS.) :)

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on 12/4/13 6:19 pm

It's also called Single Loop DS.  I think there is at least one person here who had this done.  I have read a little but don't know much about it.  And of course there's no data at all on how well it works.

on 12/5/13 8:02 pm

My doctor actually had quite a bit of data on this and long term the weight loss is very similar but less complications. His data goes back at least 5 years.

on 12/5/13 9:54 am, edited 12/6/13 1:27 pm - Nashville, TN
DS on 03/05/13

I am wondering if this is what I had instead of a typical DS.  Have lost about 15  # since my DS 9months ago,  but to be fair,I can't stay away from carbs either which does have an effect for me.

i had a sleeve for 3 years before the switch and only. Had about. 50# to lose so maybe that is why he. Decided to use this method. 

I would not recommend it if one needs serious loss. I do believe maintaining will be easier but. Real loss? Not so much.




on 12/5/13 7:59 pm

I had this done! I LOVE it! There are lower complication rates with it because of how they "hook" in the rerouted intestines. I felt icky for about a week after surgery and since then I have had way more energy than I have had in a long time. I have also lost the back and knee pain I had just from walking. Even for this type of surgery mine is conservative (300 cm common channel) I am 2 months out and I have lost 60 lbs and am still going strong. I do watch my carbs and really focus on my water intake. Everyone will have different results but I also think it is important to remember that it is a tool and not just a fix.