on 3/11/09 4:20 am - Ringgold, GA
I was just wondering if anyone knows if WellCare will pay for the Gastric bypass?
on 3/11/09 9:44 am - Snellville, GA
Last I heard, Wellcare did not pay for it.  Peachstate and Amerigroup do.
on 3/11/09 11:16 pm - Ringgold, GA
Thank you for your response
on 3/15/09 12:00 pm - Carrollton, GA

I have Wellcare/Medicare.  I was told when I signed up for Wellcare that who ever took medicare would accept Wellcare.  WRONG!!!  I have found surgeons that take Medicaid/Wellcare, bu not Wellcare/Medicare.  I have talked to Wellcare about paying for the surgery and they said that what ever medicare covers, they will cover.  I also called this past Friday and asked them which doctors were on the list (Bariactric).  They would not give me the names over the phone, but said that they would mail me a list of doctors.  This is very irritating, but I am not going to give up.  I'll let you no if and when I get the list.

Jackie Berry

Carrollton, GA

on 7/14/09 10:13 am - Lagrange, GA
Hey I am new here and trying to find a doctor that will take Medicaid/Wellcare for bariatric surgery. If anyone has had the procedure done with this insurance could you tell me what steps you had to take and how much if any you had to pay out of pocket? Thanks!!
on 7/26/09 4:20 am - Gainesville, GA
Is there doctors in Georgia that take Wellcare for this type of procedure? Please let me know.

Thank you,
Oakwood, GA