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What did you eat today???

crystal M.
on 4/10/12 4:28 pm - Joliet, IL

Well I will start it off and we will see how popular it is...if not oh well.  I'm not very innovative with my food but I think I make good choices most of the time.

B-  walnuts (100 calorie pack) and 1/2 cup blueberries

L- 3 baked chicken strips and 1/2 cup cottage cheese

S- 1 tbs peanut butter 3 apple slices

D- tortilla cheese and turkey sausage pizza ( I take a tortilla and make a pizza)  the crust is perfect for me and I can eat it with no problems...and it tastes yummy with out all of the calories.  I put plenty of turkey sausage, for the protein but I am easy on the cheese.  I no longer do low fat cheese as I buy organic cheese from the co-op and they don't have a low fat version.  I decided it was more important to eat pure products fresh from the farm so I just reduce the amounts I eat rather than eat low fat or fat free.     

V8 juice

Plenty of water

Lisa Tucker
on 4/10/12 5:02 pm - Streator, IL
Revision on 04/19/13 with
Ok, here goes,

B             2oz hard cheeze

Mid- Morn,  19 gram protein bar

L             1/2 c chopped liver 
              1 matzah

D            1 c tomatoe soup with 6 ravs

snack        1 carton Greek yogurt.

Nancy G.
on 4/11/12 5:56 am - La Salle, IL
Here's mine:

B:  fat free vanilla yogurt with sliced peach

L:  sliced ham and canned mandarine oranges

D:  pork chop, sweet potatoe, applesauce and peas  (I was stuffed)

    Cat Lady