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on 10/4/10 12:05 pm - IN
Im just curious if anyone else has the HIP insurance and have had the surgery.

Im also wondering if anyone who had HIP were made to do the 6 months of documented weight loss attempts under docs supervision.

I was told that sometimes if you have comorbidities they will approve you if you havent had the 6 months of montering...just wondering how long Im going to have to wait.
sherri F.
on 10/5/10 8:48 am
I have HIP insurance and had to do six months supervised weightloss. Final appointment the 22nd of Oct. with Dr. Evanson . Will ley you know how long it takes after that.
on 10/5/10 2:40 pm - Lafayette, IN
I also have HIP and yes, they will make you do 6 months supervised medical weight loss.  I have several comorbidities and it made no difference in my case.   

I was also told not to skip a month or they will make you start all over at month one until you complete 6 consecutive months of supervise med. weight loss. 

Start now and it will be over before you know it...good luck!

on 10/9/10 11:28 pm - IN
 I have HIP.  I had surgery on Feb 5th and was 294 lbs (at 5 ft tall) and have already lost over 90 lbs!!! I did not have to do the 6 moths monitoring, but I had several co-morbidities and had been seeing my GP on a regular basis for them.  Maybe that counts??? 
Good luck!
on 4/14/12 2:33 am - indianapolis, IN
Congratulations on the successful successful surgery and weight loss. Who was your surgeon &were are they located?
on 10/11/10 2:28 am - Terre Haute, IN
I have HIP and did not have to do the six months. I am 14 months out so not sure what they are doing now.


on 3/10/16 5:41 pm - Bedford , IN

Can you let me know who your surgeon or Doctor who approved you? Also, do you know why you didn't have to do the 6 mo weight loss?

Thank you 

on 10/13/10 4:54 am - Plainfield, IN
I too have HIP. I didn't have to do a diet at all, in fact it only took about 3 hours for them to approve me and my longest wait was for the surgery date. I am 6 months out so it should noit have changed much.
on 10/13/10 1:09 pm - Lafayette, IN
I am happy for those of you who didn't have to play the waiting game (6 to 18 months) of medically supervised weight loss!    

It must be the difference in PCP progress notes and documentation of visits.   I have a BMI of 44, high bp, high lipids, diabetes II, gout, sleep apnea, low thyroid, degenerative disc (two back surgeries) ...I take 13 different medications twice a day...needless to say, I also have depression issues.     What more did they want??

My surgeons office called to tell me about the insurance denial and asked if I felt I "might not live for another 6 months" ...because I could file an emergency appeal.  WHAT!??   

I just have to think everything happens for a reason and I had to suck it up and do my 6 months.
3 months down...three to go!

on 10/21/12 8:27 am - IN
 hello my name is crystal. iam in of the process of getting approved for the WLS. i wondering if anyone can tell me if hip cover the sleeve one. 
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