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 Could it be due to water retention?  That's the only think I can think of - hope you feel better soon.
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So sorry you're having this problem!

I have the problem with the scarring/adhesions & it has been worse at TOM the last few months.  I asked my MD & he thinks it's because of the swelling/bloating in the abdominal area putting pressure up against the muscle the port is stitched into. 

A week or two ago I went off the BC pill (already had tubes tied & was just taking it for cramps/headaches) because the bloating was just crazy.  We'll see in about two weeks if the port pain is any better this month. 

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Is your pain right at the port or below?  A weekago Friday I had horrible pains just below the port and thought I was having an appenticitis attack.  I didn't want to go the ER and waited til Monday to go to the doctor.  They didn't think it was appenticitis or kidney stones.  They took X-rays and didn't find anything.  Since I was to start TOM that week they thought it may be related to that and said to wait til I was over TOM.  The pain isn't as bad now, but TOM is over and I am still having some pains. Mine was like your where it hurt to even take a breath.  I hope this won't happen every month and don't know if it's realated or not.  I guess I need to talk to my sugeron also.  Hope you feel better.  Koye
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