Need Orthopedic Surgeon

Josephine JOEY D.
on 5/12/04 11:45 am - Florence, MA
Hi Everyone, I have had WLS and need to find an exceptional orthopedic surgeon. One that is WLS friendly and sensitive to the needs of obese folks! I can basically go anywhere in Massachusetts. I have been told for years by my PCP that all my pain was caused by my weight. Lose weight and I would feel better ... After fighting two and a half years with my PCP, insurance, losing the insurance appeal and hiring an attorney... I had my surgery. My bariatrc surgeon also agreed that once I lost weight, everything would be better health wise. He did put me on Vioxx, 25 mgs. pre-surgery to help with joint pain. About six months after my surgery I was doing well in the losing weight department but my joint were bothering me more than before my WLS. He increased my Vioxx to 50 mgs. and that still does not help ... but my surgeon and PCP continued to tell me if I could get under 200 pounds, my life would completely change ... Anyway, at my highest weight I was 400 pounds and weighed 355 the day of my surgery ... I chose Lap-Band surgery! It was done in Feb 2003. I am weighing 225 today a 130 pound loss! That's the good news! A couple weeks ago I went to my PCP and said I was hurting more than ever and could not take the pain anymore ... I want to start investigating why I am in so much pain ... I was FINALLY sent to have X-rays, and they revealed that my hips are GONE! The report said they were in bad shape, there appeared to be bone deterioration, possible old fractures, extremely severe arthritis and I was in need of total hip replacements! I asked around in my area of Massachusetts and a few people called the surgeon the BEST in my area, so I made an appointment. This jerk of a surgeon told me that he WOULD NOT CONSIDER helping me until I lost another 50 pounds! He was so rude and insensitive ... He said, he KNEW I was in terrible pain, but would not prescribe anything as PAIN would be a good thing for me ... A MOTIVATOR ... to continue to lose weight! He said that he would be writing my PCP and advising my PCP to not give me anything for pain and would not even agree to allow me to have a second opinion until I have lost 50 more pounds. I was SO discouraged, shocked and upset, even crying when I left his office. If anyone has had a positive experience with an orthopedic surgeon in Massachusetts could you please write me ... [email protected] I really need a great one ... THANKS!! Joey
Patty S.
on 5/12/04 9:55 pm - Haverhill, MA
Joey, Have you asked for a referral from your PCP? My PCP now has an orthopedic surgeon take appointments at her office. You could also ask the surgeon who completed that lap surgery for suggestions. Surgeons seem to know other surgeonseven if they aren't in the same interest. Also I would report the surgeon you saw to the Mass Board of Overseers for Doctors. He had no right to handle you appointment the way he did. He was unprofessional, rude and downright nasty. If your PCP is happy with your progress than who is he to say otherwise. Good luck, Patty
Josephine JOEY D.
on 5/13/04 9:04 pm - Florence, MA
Hi Patty, Thanks for responding! Yes I had to have a refferral to see the jerk surgeon. I live in a very small town in western MA. I had my surgery in Worcester which is quite a distance from where I live ... My band surgery was with Dr. Kelly ... his office has taken the stand not to refer patients to other doctors ... they are just too busy with WLS. I am thinking about reporting this lousy orthopedic surgeon but not until after I am under the care of a good orthopedic doctors... once your name is attached to things like complaints, it will travel through the medical community. If you know a good orthopedic surgeon in Massachusetts, please let me know... one that does not have a problem treating LARGE folks! I appriciate your support and THANKS for writing! Joey
on 5/12/04 10:51 pm - W. Bridgewater, MA
Hi! I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. I hope that your PCP does not listen to that A******! Your post upset me (not you but that inconsiderate unprofessional JERK!!). Who the hell does that pissant think he is???? UGH!! Ignoramous! ((((HUGS)))) for you. I wish I was there to knock that SOB on his Ass!! I agree with the above post. Report that jerk. Please don't let him get away with being insensitive and most definately unprofessional. Again, who does he think he is? He is NOT God. He needs to be brought down many many pegs. I just hope that your PCP does NOT agree with him. NO ONE should live with pain. A motivator?? Where did that man get his degree from?? A cheerio box?? You had the surgery to help with WL. You are changing your lifestyle. You are doing what you need to do to improve your health. I'm sure if you had the power you'd get rid of the pain yourself but since no one is capable of that power you are asking for help. Those people who are getting paid megabucks to help are treating patients like they are not worthy of spit on the bottom of their shoes. This frustrates and angers me soooo much. Please please please promise me you'll report this man (if you want to call him that). Tell your PCP what a s*** this dr is and get a referral for someone else. (I so wish I could give you a name of someone who will treat you like a HUMAN) Good Luck! I am saying a prayer for you and I hope that you find someone who will end your pain and not create more pain for you. (((((HUGS))))) Good Luck and may God be with you! Erin
Josephine JOEY D.
on 5/13/04 9:16 pm - Florence, MA
Hi Erin, Thank YOU for your support! You made me LAUGH! I have been so angry since seeing that rotten surgeon last week and have been holding it all inside ... You said alot of stuff I was holding in ... YOU MADE ME SMILE! THANK YOU! Now, if you hear of a really good orthopedic surgeon PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! THANKS, Joey
Alice H.
on 5/13/04 1:02 pm - Worcester, MA
I second New England Baptist. They are the experts. You are only 225 now and he refused to do the surgery? Definitely get another surgeon, regardless if he too says delay. A proper surgeon would have worked with you until appropriate. And ALWAYS get at least a second opinion. Insurance is required to pay for it, by law. Even get three if you want. However, on a more serious note, your PCP is the person at fault here. Prescribing pain medicine prior to determining the cause of pain, ignoring your complaints, etc. This is a clear case of medical neglect. They could have had you on mega doses of calcium at least to help prevent further deterioration. Contact a lawyer. Now!
Josephine JOEY D.
on 5/13/04 9:37 pm - Florence, MA
Hi Alice, THANKS for responding! ONLY 225 ... you make it sound good ... still a lot to lose! This surgeon was such a jerk ... I want to get a second and third opinion but need names and want to here about others experiences! Where is New England Baptist? Do you know of Dr. Reilly and/or other orthopedic surgeons? I am thinking about the complaint thing! I want to take care of my health issues and get under the care of a good surgeon, first Let me know if you can think of or can recommend anyone! Thanks for your support!!! Joey
Donna D.
on 5/14/04 12:51 am - Randolph, MA
WOW Joey, that's a lot of weight to loose with a Lap band. Good job!! I had my hip replaced in early 2002 when I was 340 pounds at Brigham & Women's Hospital here in Boston. (BTW the Baptist is also in Boston) I haven't had my surgery yet & I know when I do my orthopedic doctor will be very pleasantly surprised with the weight loss. Anyway, his name is Daniel Estok, very nice guy. this is a huge practice so you don't have the benefit of talking to a nurse like you might have with the PCP. His number is 617-732-5322. Good luck with this. I was in so much pain before my surgery too with a completely deteriorated hip bone. No pain med even touched it. I would tear up just lifting my leg into the car. Pain free now! I did have a wound infection but that is very related to size & you are much smaller than I am so hopefully that won't be a problem for you Donna
Josephine JOEY D.
on 5/14/04 10:44 am - Florence, MA
Hi Donna, Thank you for the info ... This doc did not give you a hard time about your weight ... I am somewhat shy and embarrassed and have a hard time with doctors. I have had a lot of bad experiences. Dr Dan was nice, I need nice! I have been in terrible PAIN for years now! Up and down stairs and in and out of the car is torture ... Nightime can be bad too ... the throbbing sets in ... or how bout the electrical shock feeling ... I lay there in bed crying and wondering if I will ever be fit enough to be treated right or how many more hoops do I have to jump through to be looked at ... I cannot imagine life without pain ... Thanks for sharing your experience ... there is hope! When is your WLS? Heres to a happy and safe journey to the other side of this surgery! Thanks! Joey
Donna D.
on 5/17/04 6:13 am - Randolph, MA
He never said a word to me about my weight. I understand completely about the pain, that is exactly how I felt. And now I don't have any hip pain. I do however have back pain ut hopefully when I have the WLS that will get better. I have a date!! June 22 at BIDMC Looking forward to it. Donna
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