10+ years out -

Darla S.
on 10/23/17 12:41 pm - Hanover, MN

This MN group used to be so incredibly active! There were days when there were upwards of 40 new posts, and all had many replies. It looks like those days are long gone, which is sad.

I had my Roux-N-Y in April of 2007. My top weight was 377 (I'm 5'11"). My lowest weight was 209, I've been hovering around 225 for years now. Never did break through to 'Onederland", but I'm okay with that. I look NORMAL now, people tell me they'd have never guessed I'd had a weight problem! And when I was down in that 210 range, people would tell me I didn't look well. Numbers are just numbers. My size hasn't changed in years, 90% of the meds I used to have to take went away 9+ years ago. I always used to say I'd have the surgery annually if that's what it took to be successful, and I still would ~ but I'm glad I haven't had to! My tool still works when I pay attention to it.

Anyway, any of you 'newbies' on here - congrats! Respect your tool, and it'll do what you ask of it!


  Imperfect does not = unsuccessful

on 12/29/17 10:02 am - Brooklyn Park, MN

Howdy there Darla. I remember you and how active this board used to be. I also hardly ever check back on it, but whenever I do I am shocked by how little chatter is going on. Wonder if the medical establishments are no longer listing this board as a resource.

Hope all is well with you. Happy holidays.

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