on 1/22/10 5:23 am - Joplin, MO
I am really confused! I had an appt with Dr. Hawes for 3 weeks and today, they said that Medicare doesnt pay for a Breast Reduction OR a Tummy Tuck!! I am soooo confused!! 3 weeks ago they told me a different story!! Does anyone know a plastic surgeon that accepts Medicare and Mo Medicaid?



Andy W.
on 1/22/10 5:44 am - Tulsa, OK
Medicare and Medicaid both will only pay for the Panecitimi (sp) which is the removal of the lower tummy skin, thats sort of like a tummy tuck but not I guess, as far as them paying for anything else they wont.  I wish they would but then most insurances dont pay for any of it.  Another thing is that neither Medicare or Medicaid "pre qualify" you for a Panectimi (sp) you just have it done and the surgeon submits the bill, from what research I've done on it tho, 99 % of the time it gets paid. 

Hope that helps ya.

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Britt W.
on 1/22/10 9:28 am - Republic, MO
Keep your appt.  they wont pay for the breast lift but it will pay for the tummy tuck.  i used dr. hawes in springfield and it was covered.  go to the appt.  trust me he is excellent and will fight for you to get it.  good luck.

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