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Nevada Medicaid Sleeve

on 11/11/11 12:46 am - North Las Vegas, NV
I had the lapband done 2 years ago but have been having problems. I would like to get it removed and have a sleeve done instead but I have Nevada medicaid. I was told that they don't cover the sleeve. Can anyone give me any information on this? I did find a article online stating that they were considering covering it earlier this year but haven't found any other info.
on 11/14/11 2:03 am - Las Vegas, NV
VSG on 04/27/11 with
I have not but if I hear of anything I will pass it along. Good Luck

on 11/17/11 12:20 am
REALIZE Band on 02/16/11 with
As far as I know it still isn't covered by medicaid or medicare. What is wrong with you band is Dr Umbach able to fix it?
on 2/15/12 10:46 am - Athens, GA

Jeannete a LOT of us have band problems! There's a failed band group on FB. The link is below.