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on 4/17/13 7:50 am - Northern, MS
Just a Long Re-post (from my past on other boards)-
But may have some useful info for some here who’ve not seen it.

Pass on by if not………..
The Grocery List!
I see a lot of questions about "What to Eat?"
And people talking about not being able to resist
Certain items at home.

Here’s a "WFM" – (worked for me?)
Take it or forget it.

It’s mainly "Food Choices."
**(and these are for the 4 to 6 month-plus "SOLID" choices)
A Way to get veggies and Fiber back in your life along with protein-
Very important-

Its Hard to resist eating something at home-
When no one is around or if you are just in the mood for a snack.

But it’s Easy to resist items in the middle of a Crowded Grocery Store.
So, I’ve kept the "Food Choice" activity
IN the grocery store, and Out of my home.

(example- It’s easier to Not Pull into a Shop and Buy Cigarettes
Than it is to Not Pull one from the pack sitting in your pocket.)

When I shop for groceries, here are some of the items
That I buy Nearly Every Time. My "staples."

Chicken breasts,
(Skinned and de-boned. Pricier but worth it in time.)
Fish, -
(Tilapia, Catfish, Salmon, Shrimp, Tuna, etc…
Usually fresh or frozen)
Textured Vegetable Protein,
("Health-food" section)
Deli Sliced Roast Turkey,

*The MAYBES- depending on sale prices-
Maybe a little Sausage- (often Turkey Sausage)
(Sweet or Hot Italian every other grocery trip)
Maybe Center Cut Pork Chops,
Maybe Laura Lean Ground Sirloin,
Maybe some Deli Meat for antipasto,
Frozen or Fresh Turkey Breast (when on sale)

Peppers, (a lot!) (I eat these nearly Every Day)
(Red, Green, Yellow, Jalopenos, Banana peppers, etc..)
Onions, (Green Onions/Scallions, Red, Yellow)
Celery, Turnips!!
Fresh Bean Sprouts,
Little "prepped" Carrots,
Radishes (when available)
Spaghetti Squash,
Fresh Mushrooms,
(Portobello, Chanterelle, Enoki, Shiitake, Cremini, etc…)
Pre-Washed-Prepped Salad,
Roma Tomatoes, (a lot)
Fresh Green Beans,
Zucchini and Squash,
Cabbage, (Red, Green, or Napa/Chinese)
Berries of some sort,
(Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries)
Apples, (I eat an Apple a Day or close)
Lemons, Limes,
Un-Salted Produce Packed Nuts,
(Raw Almonds, Walnuts)

I’ll also pick up one Produce "special" item each trip such as
Fennel, Eggplant, Bok Choy, Asparagus, etc…

Hummmmm? No Potatoes? nope...

Diced Tomatoes, (With Italian Spices, Mexican Spices, or Rotel with Peppers)
No Sugar Added Tomato Spagetti Sauce,
Tomato Paste,
(Pinto, No-Fat Re-fried, Butter Beans, Red Beans, Black, etc…)
Albacore White Tuna in Water,
No Sugar Added Peanut Butter,

Little Nibblet corn on the cob
Zucchini and Squash, (if not available fresh)

Eggs (a lot. Like "Cool-Hand-Luke" Bet - A lot!)
Carb Countdown Dairy Beverage, (Low Fat)
Carb Control Yogurt,
Cottage Cheese, (Reduced Fat)
Skim milk,
Cheese, (Lower-fat and normal- All Kinds)
Low-Fat Sour Cream

Olive Oil,
Maybe – Kalamata Olives
(from the deli section, my true guilty pleasure)
Total Protein Cereal, (or some low-carb-high-protein cereal)
Spices, (at least one new or fresh herb each week)
Sugar-Free Pop-sicycles (still love them from my start of Post-Op)
Mission "No Carb" Tortillas,
FlatOutBread-the Best! -
Diet V8 Splash, (Love It!)
Starbuck’s De-Caf Sumatran Coffee,
Slimfast Low-Carb Chocolate Royale or Vanilla Cream Shakes
(I put a splash in my coffee, Yum and high protein)

And now and then some "staples" such as-
Ezekial Sprouted Grain Bread, (For the Family, I have it maybe once a week)
Corn Meal, Flax Seeds, Canola Oil,
Textured Vegetable Protein, Steel-cut Oats,
Low-Fat Canola Mayo, etc…
I’ll pick those up.

Yes, on occasion, I’ll pick up something "special"
For when guests are coming,
Like the makings for a SF Banana Pudding,
or SF Low Carb Baking stuff,
But those are for "Special ‘Planned’ Events" not just ‘the usual.’

But Notice the general lack
Of Processed Starch in this grocery list.

I get my Carbs, sure, but mostly through Veggies, and Fruit
Rather than Potatoes, Breads, Noodles, Rice, etc…
No Pretzels, Chips, sweets, etc…
Not a bunch of "Faux-Sweets."
No "SF-Ice-Cream, SF Cookies, ‘Baked’ Chips,
No Thin-Crust Low-Carb Pizza,
(not a lot of "Less Healthy Choices" dressed up in –
"Lite-or Re-duced Calorie" versions.)
Also a low incidence of Butter, Margarine, Crisco, etc…
Canola and Olive Oil rule in the kitchen.

Also Notice the high concentration of
Non-Processed Produce.
Very Good for you!
Not only the fiber to keep "Regular,"
But, I try to eat one "color"
From Each Phyto-Nutrient Group every day.
Red Peppers or tomatoes, (Lycopene)
Purple cabbage or Blueberries, (anthocyanin has anti-cancer properties)
Deep greens of salad greens,( Isothiocyanates/thiocyanates, Strong Antioxidants)
Yellow/orange from Carrots, Squash, etc (lutein, beta carotene, etc…)

I Try to get in all
Of the possible Phytochemicals each day.
Push the nutrients- "Food is Fuel, not a reward or treat"
So go for the highest Quality Fuel!

I also buy in very small quantities.
Just a bit of each fre****em
So that nothing "goes bad" before I can use it.

By taking one Meat/Protein, and preparing it
With at least 2 veggies,
Limit to one canned or dairy item,
Recipes are a breeze and depending on the spices used
You can have an endless variety of meals.
("Spices are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.")

I cook a lot, but when out of town for my work,
I follow the "protein first rule" when eating out.
By the time I finish the piece of fish or chicken,
I’m usually full before I can get in much or anything else.

At home, it’s far easier. I Just eat what’s in the house!

I tend to keep some sort of
Cucumber/tomato/onion/pepper salad combo
ready in the fridge, along with some Ostrim,
or Poached chicken breast.

If there is stuff all ready and waiting,
it's easier to just grab it, than to linger over
"what will I make to eat?"
All of that standing and staring into the fridge is short-circuited by a fridge full of "Good Stuff" to eat already prepped.

This is a lot of babble, but for those out there having difficulty Avoiding High-Carb/Calorie, Low Nutrition Foods, --This has helped me,
And become ROUTINE enough so I’m not constantly
Facing "Food Choice Issues."
I don’t have to Think about it, I just follow my habits.

That’s what got me Obese to start with, Habitual Eating,
rather than Consciously Choosing each Item I put in my mouth, So I figured it was a fairly effective Course of Action
For Habitually eating Healthy Choices as well.

Yes, Now that I’m really close to 10 years out,
On OCCASION, I eat Noodles, Potatoes, etc…
But because I have set up New Habits in eating,
It always is a very conscience choice rather than just a constant.
When Not Thinking about it, I usually just eat Low-Carb/Cal foods that are packed with nutrition.

For those looking for the easy simple idea-?
Just shop the "Outer Aisles" of the grocery store.
This way you’ll hit
But not the processed canned stuff.

Try it and see.

Stick to the perimeter!!
It works.

This has made getting to and staying at a normal BMI
Easy for ME.

Hope this helps some-
I’m sure that others will have "Go To" Choices as well that work for them.

Best Wishes-


on 4/17/13 8:13 am - KY

Wow!!!!  Thank you so much, I feel very empowered to make better choices, again thank you for sharing. 

Bypass scheduled for April 26th


on 4/17/13 8:02 pm

this is a great post.  Imma gonna print it and put it in my purse and use when I shop.  Thank you