Metamucil or Miralax or Colace?

on 2/6/10 11:05 pm

I'm not really sure I understand the difference.  I'm looking for something to treat occasional -- a few times per month -- constipation.  I've tried adding Benefiber (5 grams of fiber) to my morning yogurt but haven't noticed anything different.

Also, do y'all take it every day or just as needed?

I'll contact my doctor on Monday but just wanted to get thoughts on what works for others in case my doc gives me a choice.


-- Laura

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angela dragoo
on 2/6/10 11:15 pm - Fort Worth TX
I take Miralax everyday and it does the trick.
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on 2/6/10 11:38 pm - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/11/09 with
miralax every day in my protein drink! LOL
on 2/7/10 12:28 am - CA

I take 2 colace at night before bed (I use the generic from Costco).  I started the first week post op, the few times I tried to quit it wasn't pleasant.  Now I have a movement at least every other day, and sometimes every day.  I've been doing this for about 2 yrs.

Colace is only a stool softner, not a laxitive,  it does not effect the peristalsis (movement) of stuff through the colon.  I was told by my docs nurse I could take it with no effect to my system.   Getting enough fluids is really important If I get in my 64 things are really good, when i get under 36, things are tough.  Problem with taking a laxitive long term is that your system can become dependent on it. 

Talk to your doc or his nurse.



on 2/7/10 3:10 am - Phoenix, AZ
Miralax can be used daily without dependence becoming and issue although I do not have to use it everyday.  Fiber tabs were useless.
I agree getting enough water and fat makes a huge difference.
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on 2/7/10 4:56 am - Blue Springs, MO
Personally, I use the Miralax.  My doctor said I could use it everyday without dependency and it is pretty tasteless.  Still, I mix it in my Crystal Light.  Hope you get some relief!

on 2/7/10 5:15 am
VSG on 08/11/08 with
 Miralax Costco has a generic and it works! My husbands Dr. told him he could use it daily.
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on 2/7/10 6:51 am
It sounds like Miralax is the popular choice so far.  I'll check with my doctor tomorrow and probably try Miralax if it's one of the options he gives me.  I was concerned about getting dependent or taking meds when I don't need them.  It sounds like it's very effective for those who have posted....I may be able to just take it every few weeks when I have the problem.  (I get it all my water, so I don't think that's the problem...and I'm working on upping my fiber as well.)

Thanks everyone!

-- Laura

High 240 -- Surgery 225 (ticker includes 15 pounds lost pre-op)

on 2/7/10 10:42 am - Fort Worth, TX
Not sure if this will help, but I have oatmeat for breakfast 3 to 4 times a week. I fix it with milk (protein) and add in 3 teaspoons of Equate (Walmart) Clear Soluble Fiber powder. TMI, but it fixes me right up! lol!


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