Hints for Yucky Protein Drinks

on 12/23/10 11:13 am - San Jose, CA

Hints for Yucky Protein Drinks

By Diane S.

First, try a few before surgery but don't purchase any large quantities. Your tastes will change after surgery and usually everything tastes disgustingly sweet. A couple of remedies for the excessive sweetness are

1;  for any chocolate drink add a half tsp unsweetened coco powder to a serving and mix well. It intensifies the coco taste and makes it slightly more bitter and adult tasting. A drop of mint flavor also helps choc drinks. 

2.  A dash of cinnamon helps vanilla drinks as does a spoon of Greek yogurt - again cuts the sweetness. Sometimes just the smell of the cinnamon on the rim of the glass is a big help. Almond or some extra vanilla helps too.

3. you can purchase unsweetened protein drinks and sweeten them your own level with Splenda or whatever or use the Torani sugar free flavored syrups.

4. There is another link here that tells the places to order sample packs and its a good way to try options. Also, try just going into GNC or Vitamin shop and buying one single serving of each type and trying them out.

5. Health food stores or coops sometimes have some unusual brands of protein drinks that are not found in most places. Ones that taste good to me are made by Tera's whey in a dark chocolate and vanilla bourbon.

6. The best all around ones for me are the costco premier premixed and the costco powdered to which i add unsweetened coco.

7. If you are really struggling with the protein powders, warm skim milk is comforting.

8. Hot protein coco can be made with most any chocolate protein powder by adding a little unsweetened coco powder and then mixing a serving with one half cup warm milk or water. Whisk in the other half cup of hot milk or water.

By keeping the temperature just under 130 degress you can get a fairly warm drink without the curdling. Just make sure the hot part is not extremely hot. If its lukewarm you can nuke it a little to get it warmer.

The ready made hot coco protein coco mixes are good but priceya and this other method works as well and is less expensive.

In the early days, drinks mixed in a blender may be hard to consume because they have air whipped in. Better to shake in a shaker bottle so that there are fewer air bubbles to upset tummy.

Most important, just remember for those first few weeks pretty much everything is going to taste nasty. Don't be alarmed if in the early days you don't quite get all you are supposed to so long as you are doing the best you can and getting fluids in. 

Keep most drinks as cold as possible and only pour out a couple of ounces at a time in a fancy wine glass while keeping the rest cold - even icy in the freezer. Also, mix the protein drink and freeze a half serving solid.

Nuke it to thaw it slightly and then blend it with another half serving of protein drink. It ends up with a nice smoothie texture that's better than crushed ice. Works well with the Smoothie King products.

Finally, you will end up with some tubs of protein powder that you just hate. Take them to a support group and trade them with others or give them to someone needy or share tastes.

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