Acid Reflux After Surgery

Karen Vaughan
on 8/27/11 1:37 am - GA
Hi Everyone,

I use to have acid reflux but it hasn't botherd me in a long time...I had my Sleeve Surgery this week 8/24 and went home on Friday....Last night i Had the worst Acid Reflux and I'm not sure what is normal?
Can I take Prilosec?

I slept with a billion pillows almost upright last night but something must give!  That's no way to rest.  Anyone have this issue?
on 8/27/11 1:45 am
I had VSG on 05/23/11 and I took 6 pills a day for acid reflux. After surgery I was scared but I have to say I only have trouble when I eat fried chicken or fried fish. 13 weeks out I can say I hove only taken 1 prilosec every day since surgery.... You should feel better just do what your doctor says to do. Good Luck :)
on 8/27/11 2:12 am - TN
I had terrible acid reflux before and after surgery, it was bad.  Took Pepsid twice a day for the first 4 weeks then went to my doctor on Monday and she gave me a prescription for Nexium.  It is great, I have had no acid, heartburn for 5 days, its great.

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Jan G.
on 8/27/11 2:36 am - WI
Well I can sure related.. and FEEL for you.

I never had acid reflux before...not even when I had 10lbs babies.

Well surgery went very well, no pain, no gas etc. BUT..I started feeing this pressure rising up to my throat. I asked the nurse if THIS was acid reflux. Well I walked and walked.. nothing stopped it...until.. I threw up.

Well my surgeon believes in Prevacid solutabs for at leat 3 months to help with healing and controlling acid reflux ( to prevent  it)..only.. my ins would not approve it.

Got a acid reflux replacement kind capsule where i had to swallow these horrible beads..needless to say.. threw THAT up..but.. made me now approved for Prevacid..only that took more days. I literally would be UP all night..unable to sleep due to the pressure.

Oh.. and I was to take it between 5-7pm..but did not know that right away. I thought it had to be on an empty stomach so would wait till middle of night.. I know.. I know. God it was the worst part.. not sleeping with that awful pressure.

Once I started to take Prevacid in evening.. whalla.. Acid reflux all gone!!

Hope you get relief.. and soon hon!!


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on 8/27/11 3:24 am
I had it (and still have it) after surgery. Talk to your surgeon about getting on an acid reducer. I am on Nexium - it's a powder that I mix with one TBSP of water. A lot of insurance companies won't approve it until you do what's called "step therapy" and prove that other acid reducers won't work.

But definitely give your surgeon a call and get on something. As my doctor said "there is no need for you to suffer with that." Mine was so bad it was making me throw up daily, and you don't want that with your new sleeve!
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Phyll H
on 8/27/11 6:07 am - Dayton, OH
VSG on 08/04/08 with
I take Nexium also.
on 2/9/12 9:54 am - GA
VSG on 09/13/12
 So this topic hasn't been responded on in a while. For those that responded I was wondering did your reflux get any better as you lost additional weight? I had reflux really bad but had a fundoplication to curb it, worked like a charm, and now I am considering WLS and throught the sleeve to be the best option. However after I talked to my surgeon I am not so sure if the sleeve would be right for me because I remember how horrible my life was with reflux. He clearly stated he had worked on others with reflux and for the most part they continued to have reflux and some being perpetually naucous after the surgery, so they ended up on the proton pump inhibitor and an antiemetic.

So in short what are your continued experiences?
on 2/13/12 1:27 am - Cheyenne, WY
I was wondering about this also.  I want to have the sleeve done but I've acid reflux for about 20 years and it pretty much is gone as long as I take my Nexium every day.  But the surgeon originally said I should have the RNY because of my acid reflux, but I've talked to some people and read some posts that even with the RNY, people still had the acid reflux.  So...if I'm going to have it anyway with either surgery, I'd rather have the Sleeve done.

I hope more people post to this so get more answers.

Good luck to you!