NSV - Bangle Bracelets!

on 4/10/12 11:40 pm - Brunswick, GA
 Just for kicks I decided to try on some that have been sitting in my jewlery box for ages. They slipped right on and are comfortable!   Yay for the little things!!  
on 4/10/12 11:41 pm
Hooray! The little things are the best rewards.

Highest weight: 335 lbs, BMI 50.9
Pre-op weight: 319 lbs, BMI 48.5
Current range: 140-144, BMI 21.3 - 22

175+ lbs lost, maintaining since February 2012

on 4/10/12 11:53 pm - MI
Wow what is your secret..You've lost 85 pounds since Novemebr? WOW!
on 4/11/12 12:03 am - Shelby Township, MI
VSG on 02/22/12
Congratulations! I love your NSV. Bracelets are my favorite form of jewelry. I haven't been able to wear or buy any in years. I told my husband my first purchase to celebrate the thinner me with thinner wrist would be a new bangle bracelet. I love them.