Plain Knox Gelatin = good source of protein?

on 7/15/13 3:37 am
Is the Knox gelatin you can get in the grocery store a good source of protein? I'm not really prepared to do the liquid diet, and I thought that might be an easily obtained protein source.


Angie in Missouri
on 7/15/13 3:41 am - OK
VSG on 07/05/13

Jello is made from bones and hides.  I wouldn't think it would be a great source of protein.  JMHO.


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on 7/15/13 3:44 am - VT
VSG on 07/02/12

Short answer: No. (Even if there were a reasonable amount of protein in it, I believe it's collagen based and not very well utilized)

Usually during a clear liquid phase (I'm guessing you mean post-op?) the emphasis is on hydration vs protein intake.

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on 7/15/13 4:02 am
No, it's pre-op. I'm trying to stay with liquids, get 65 mG protein a day and not eat the arms off the sofa.

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on 7/15/13 4:14 am
VSG on 07/08/13 with

Not so much.  You're much better off with whey protein, which you will drink a lot of post-op.  Start trying different types of whey proteins so that you can find one that you like.

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Brad Special

on 7/16/13 4:44 am
VSG on 12/06/12 with

After my surgery one of my favorite things was to make sugar pudding with skim milk and add protein powder to the mix it gave me protein and tasted great.

on 7/16/13 10:59 am - Four Corners, NM