Anyone from the Auburn area.....

Carmen G.
on 1/10/09 9:43 pm - Lincoln, AL
could you please tell me where a Starbucks, Joe Muggs, etc is around there.  I have to come that way next Saturday.  My son is in a MMA Match and I was not going to go because I, honestly do not like what he is doing, but I have to go to be there as a momma would.  I cannot stand to think that he would need me and I would not be there. 

ANYWAY... the match is not until that night and I am coming a little early.  SOOOO I need a coffee shop.  The match is at some Holiday Inn Conference place.   I am not exactly sure of the address.  I will know probably tomorrow.  I just need me a coffee shop or somewhere to go and kick back for a couple of hours before the match.

Thanks so much!!!!
on 1/10/09 10:02 pm - Birmingham, AL

I dont think I can help as I live in B'ham, but you are welcome.  BTW, What is MMA?


Carmen G.
on 1/10/09 10:16 pm - Lincoln, AL

mixed martial arts

Louise A.
on 1/10/09 10:25 pm - Anniston, AL
I know there is one down close to the college as I seen it last week.  I can ask Beverly the directions later this morning if no one gets back to you. I know how to get around and where I need to go but can not tell you street names. Should have learned some of this while she lived there 4 1/2 years.
Carmen G.
on 1/10/09 10:29 pm - Lincoln, AL
Thanks, Louise.  I have sent an email to someone that lives there.  Maybe I will hear from them today.
Miss Mary
on 1/10/09 11:19 pm - Huntsville, AL
Google,google, google. Thats what I have to do to find anything. I can get lost driving around the block I also can't remember how to get to a place until I'v been there three dozen times. Enjoy your coffee and enjoy the compititions. Love, Miss Mary
on 1/11/09 12:23 am - Russellville, AL
If all fails go to McDonalds ask for senior coffee,delicious.I got a habit,I get senior coffee,small fry,3 raisen oatmeal cookies..Im good,til I get to the next Macky D's..Have fun at the matches,maybe you will find a goodwill with great bargains..Just a few more days!!Im so excited
Louise A.
on 1/11/09 1:03 am - Anniston, AL
Hey Judy wanted to holler at you a second. Got to get my butt in gear and get busy this morning. Are you packed yet? I am doing that already so that if I don't have room I can always delete some of Bobbys stuff. Got some dresses at the alterations that has to be picked up.  I am so ready for warm sunny days, I need to thaw. I just can not tolerate the cold any more. Best part of the trip is I get to spend the night with 3 handsome young men. 3 of the loves of my life.
on 1/11/09 1:20 am - Russellville, AL
Good moning Louise,Im not packed but have tried all my dinner wear on and put it all what to wear during the day is all i like..capri's,and tops..and of course weakness is shoes and purses.I have way too many...Im so ready to go,MamaC and I are gonna have a good time,know what I mean??just remeber what happens on that boat stays on the boat!!
Miss Mary
on 1/11/09 3:21 am - Huntsville, AL
I hate to inform you of this but you can't have to many shoes or purses.Love, Miss Mary
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