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Anyone from the Auburn area.....

Carmen G.
on 1/11/09 5:43 am - Lincoln, AL
could you please tell me where a Starbucks, Joe Muggs, etc is around there.  I have to come that way next Saturday.  My son is in a MMA Match and I was not going to go because I, honestly do not like what he is doing, but I have to go to be there as a momma would.  I cannot stand to think that he would need me and I would not be there. 

ANYWAY... the match is not until that night and I am coming a little early.  SOOOO I need a coffee shop.  The match is at some Holiday Inn Conference place.   I am not exactly sure of the address.  I will know probably tomorrow.  I just need me a coffee shop or somewhere to go and kick back for a couple of hours before the match.

Thanks so much!!!!
on 1/11/09 6:02 am - Birmingham, AL

I dont think I can help as I live in B'ham, but you are welcome.  BTW, What is MMA?


Carmen G.
on 1/11/09 6:16 am - Lincoln, AL

mixed martial arts

Louise A.
on 1/11/09 6:25 am - Anniston, AL
I know there is one down close to the college as I seen it last week.  I can ask Beverly the directions later this morning if no one gets back to you. I know how to get around and where I need to go but can not tell you street names. Should have learned some of this while she lived there 4 1/2 years.
Carmen G.
on 1/11/09 6:29 am - Lincoln, AL
Thanks, Louise.  I have sent an email to someone that lives there.  Maybe I will hear from them today.
Miss Mary
on 1/11/09 7:19 am - Huntsville, AL
RNY on 08/10/04 with
Google,google, google. Thats what I have to do to find anything. I can get lost driving around the block I also can't remember how to get to a place until I'v been there three dozen times. Enjoy your coffee and enjoy the compititions. Love, Miss Mary
on 1/11/09 8:23 am - Russellville, AL
RNY on 11/06/06 with
If all fails go to McDonalds ask for senior coffee,delicious.I got a habit,I get senior coffee,small fry,3 raisen oatmeal cookies..Im good,til I get to the next Macky D's..Have fun at the matches,maybe you will find a goodwill with great bargains..Just a few more days!!Im so excited
Louise A.
on 1/11/09 9:03 am - Anniston, AL
Hey Judy wanted to holler at you a second. Got to get my butt in gear and get busy this morning. Are you packed yet? I am doing that already so that if I don't have room I can always delete some of Bobbys stuff. Got some dresses at the alterations that has to be picked up.  I am so ready for warm sunny days, I need to thaw. I just can not tolerate the cold any more. Best part of the trip is I get to spend the night with 3 handsome young men. 3 of the loves of my life.
on 1/11/09 9:20 am - Russellville, AL
RNY on 11/06/06 with
Good moning Louise,Im not packed but have tried all my dinner wear on and put it all what to wear during the day is all i like..capri's,and tops..and of course weakness is shoes and purses.I have way too many...Im so ready to go,MamaC and I are gonna have a good time,know what I mean??just remeber what happens on that boat stays on the boat!!
Miss Mary
on 1/11/09 11:21 am - Huntsville, AL
RNY on 08/10/04 with
I hate to inform you of this but you can't have to many shoes or purses.Love, Miss Mary
on 1/11/09 9:22 am - Russellville, AL
RNY on 11/06/06 with
Louise you with 3 men ,me with Mama C,just imagine the fun!!
Louise A.
on 1/11/09 9:38 am - Anniston, AL
Judy them 3 handsome young men will not get on that boat. If they do their mom and dad better be with them. I would not take a child on one of those ships unless they had a leash tied to them. I would be scared to death they would get to close to the rails and fall over board. I wouldn't be able to take enough valium to enjoy the trip. Know what I mean.
Have you got that swim suit ready? Randall posted that Mama C had gotten a new one, the 3 of us can soak up some sun. You know I will.
on 1/11/09 12:07 pm - Russellville, AL
RNY on 11/06/06 with
Sorry Louise I misread your post..I do know what you mean about leashes and rails.No not enough of valium by no means..Me in a swim suit,honey they dont make enough duck tape to hold up the skin so that I dont look like a charpae(sp) dogMe and Mama C are gonna look good,smell wonderful,and hang out..she has to have a chaparone and I volunteered..yep good times we gonna have,and I bet Debbie and Becky will want to hang with us.. for some reason Ive never had time to soak up the sun,who knows maybe this year, maybe not..I Love to cruise!!  see ya soon Juju
on 1/11/09 9:21 am, edited 1/11/09 9:22 am - n/a, AL
here you go carmen :) finding things is what i do for a living now, lol. if you click on the names in blue, it'll give you a page where you can get directions. enjoy!

Brs Coffee Company Inc 1611 S College St
Auburn, AL 36832-6638 (334) 821-0086
Cambridge Coffee 131 S College St
Auburn, AL 36830 (334) 821-8181

Java Jo'z Coffee & More 1611 S College St
Auburn, AL 36832 (334) 821-0086

Taylor's Bakery & Gourmet Coffee 132 N College St
Auburn, AL 36830 (334) 502-1112

Toomer's Coffee Co 1100 S College St
Auburn, AL 36832 (334) 887-0004

Coffee Couch The 217 E Thach Ave
Auburn, AL 36830 (334) 826-6261
Carmen G.
on 1/11/09 10:40 am - Lincoln, AL
Thank you so so much!!!!  That will help me so much.  With the address...I will put it in the little direction thing and go there.  I appreciate your help so much!!!!!  I am all set now...just praying that my son is not hurt, nor does he hurt anyone.  Thanks again, Donya!!!  Love ya!!
Nicole M.
on 1/11/09 12:50 pm - Auburn, AL
There are several places around Auburn and Opelika. I would love to meet you somewhere! Where is your son's match? have a PM!

Nicole....WAR EAGLE!!





Carmen G.
on 1/11/09 4:19 pm - Lincoln, AL
Nicole...I would love to meet with you and the others also if they would like to meet for coffee or something.  His match is at the Holiday Inn Ballroom or Reception room I believe (In Auburn).  I will know the exact place tomorrow night.  We will probably get to Auburn in the afternoon.  His match is at night.  I got the pm and I look forward to seeing you. 
R. c
on 1/11/09 4:29 pm - nashville, TN
Hey, Carmen. If you are going to be at the Holiday inn Express on South College, there is a Starbucks just a few miles away:

Holiday Inn Express-Auburn 2013 S College St Auburn, AL 36832 (334) 502-1090
1. Head north on AL-15/S College St toward Longleaf Dr 2.3 mi
2. Turn left at E Samford Ave 0.4 mi
3. Turn right at Duncan Dr Destination will be on the right 0.4 mi
Starbucks 255 Duncan Dr Auburn, AL 36849
~* Rosie *~      2-16-10  

Carmen G.
on 1/11/09 4:36 pm - Lincoln, AL
Thanks so much Rosie!!!  I appreciate this so much.  I am hoping to meet up for coffee with some others on Saturday.  Are you in Auburn now??  I sure would like to see you again.  I hope things are good for you.  You take care.  Love ya!!!!
R. c
on 1/11/09 6:11 pm, edited 1/11/09 6:15 pm - nashville, TN
Hey, Carmen. I'm not in Auburn, but looking things up is part of my job also, so I tried to see what I could come up with.  I would love to see all of ya'll again too. Maybe when things settle down here a bit, we can all plan something? :)
~* Rosie *~      2-16-10