Today is my 12 yr Surgiversary!

Lia D
on 1/15/16 9:32 am, edited 2/12/16 6:24 am - Waldorf, MD


Hubby just reminded me that today is the 15th so I am actually posting on my surgiversary day.  It has been a long, tough, journey.  My starting weight was 342 lbs and now I am, again, 10 lbs from my goal weight, at 150.  I have not ever been at 140 lbs and I am still trying.  I have planned to adjust my eating and exercise to something I can do on a daily basis.  I am tired of this up and down weight gain and loss.  I just want to get to 140 lbs and a size 6, or lower, and stay there for the duration.  I mean size 8 is ok but its not my goal.

With my emotional eating, it's just so hard for me to stay on track but I am gonna work hard from now on to conquer this mess.  It has had a hold of me almost all my life.  I know I need to incorporate more water into my diet and eat more when I exercise too much.  Some days I get in some really intense workouts but then I don't eat enough to balance it out. 

It would definitely make a big difference if I got my thighs, arms, and breast done since my surgeon told me I can come back at anytime to get them done.  But since he did my panniculectomy and butt lift I'm still experiencing itching around my mid section and have to use ointment everyday, I really am not planning to do it.  I'm pretty much in the same boat as before having the surgery done, having to put something on my stomach everyday. 

I wish everyone continued luck on your journey.  Happy New Year!


Lia d

on 2/9/16 3:45 pm


Lia D
on 2/12/16 6:20 am - Waldorf, MD

Thank you!


on 5/6/16 10:28 am - Somewhere in time, SC

CONGRATULATIONS!  You've done a fantastic job with your weight loss!

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

Frankie Lee
on 5/13/16 6:10 pm - WI
RNY on 08/03/04 with


Seek Heaven
on 6/7/16 11:48 am - Duluth, GA

Way to go!! Congrats on keeping it off.  I had surgery in 2009.  The day of, I was 385lbs and now I'm at 173lbs.  Working to hit that 155 by September and 135 by my surgervisary in December.  Maintaining post surgery can be done.

on 1/9/17 6:18 pm

Wow Lia, your results are inspiring, congratulations!!  WOW!!  You look fantastic!  

I'm also in MD, can I ask the name of your tummy tuck Dr.?  I'm 8 years out and pretty ready to get my tummy done.



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