anxiety ???

on 7/5/17 11:08 am

I have so much Anxeity ...I havn't told any one in my family that includes my husband , my kids and my parents that I'm going for my first consult on the 14th of this month... I have to deal with so much and telling them makes me feel like I have indeed met a new low in my life . Its admiting that my size scares me and all the realities that come along with it .. Im so so nervous to the point of daily panick attacks..

on 7/6/17 6:42 am - saint-joseph-de-kent, NB


I was thinking about a WLS for the longest time, never told my doctor about it. I was talking with my mom last WK and i talked with her about my depression, and i express to her my body. and shes the one that brought it up, that i should maybe concider a WLS .. and i said you know what, i was thinking that for the longest time.. then after that i spoke with my husband about it.. he was never a fan of the idea because i have mentioned it before but he saw how low i am about my self and he also think its a good idea and now hes all supportive for it. I have my appointment at the end of the month to talk to my doctor about putting my name on the list. I am nervous but it helped with my anxity (on top of my depression) talk with your family, you will soon notice how supportive they truly are! If they love you they will support you no matter what :) !

on 7/6/17 6:56 am

thank you soo much it helps to know im not the only one

on 7/6/17 7:06 am - saint-joseph-de-kent, NB

I also felt I was the only one, until I came to the conclusion I needed to do something and then started searching online and found this site. it's amazing, we are all here for each other :)!

on 11/15/17 9:13 am

You can do it!

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