Weekly Weigh In February 26 - March 4

Gwen M.
on 2/26/18 6:43 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I can't weigh myself this morning, since I'm not at home, but I wanted to get us started for the week! I can't believe the end of this week is March already. I'll update my weight when I'm back home tomorrow morning. (Even though I'm sure it'll be up!)

HW: 319
LW: 154.3
TW: will update tomorrow

Next goal, since I assume I haven't lost 9 pounds in the last week: BMI NORMAL! 145.

How's it going for all of you, weekly weighers?

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on 2/27/18 6:30 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Not a good weight week. Too much bingeing.

Hw 368

Lw 177

Tw 185

on 2/28/18 6:01 am
RNY on 09/01/17

Hi all,

It looks like another tough week for people. Thanks for getting us started, Gwen, even though you couldn't weigh in.

I've had a couple of tough weeks - emotional and back on antibiotics, which also plays with my weight. I am hoping to have that back on track soon.

I've been up all week, but somehow, was down today. I'll take it! My 6 month surgiversary is tomorrow, and I was really hoping to hit 90 lbs lost by then - I am 1.5 lbs away now - so close, I may just "say" 90 lbs lost when people ask - it's a short month, I'll see how I do in an extra day or two. LOL. I'd love the scale to show it. I'll see what happens in the am. (HAHA, oh the justification! I really wanted my goal!!)

HW: 308

LW: 222.5

TW: 219.5

Goal: Still going for the 90 lbs lost! Stay tuned :)

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