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on 8/13/09 3:38 am - Houston, TX
Is anyone having a problem getting their pain medication filled? I have been taking Norco for 3 months, it works very well for me. In the past month I have had check ups with PCP, Rheum., and Pain Clinic. My prescription is out again and no one will refill it? They all said I had to make an appointment and there are no openings for at least 2 weeks. I take them as prescribed, I take one at 8am and another one at 4pm. I don't understand why this is such an issue, Any advise? Thanks! Katrina
on 8/13/09 3:40 am - Houston, TX
I forgot to add I had this problem last month and this is why I had the appointment before, so I have to have a check up every month for meds?? Katrina
on 8/13/09 6:46 am - Waukesha, WI

That doesn't sound right.  I know that if you have a prescription that is a year old you have to get a new script and they always want to see you first.

I don't know what this med is but if it is a narcotic, you have to get a written script every month from the doctor in order to fill it at the pharmacy.  Maybe you just need to request a written prescription from your primary pain doctor and pick it up once a month.  I have to call every month for my husbands.

on 8/13/09 7:19 am - Houston, TX
When the 30 day prescription is up they do not do refills. I have to go to the office for a check up, even if it was 2 weeks ago!   I can't handle all the office visits and the specialists co-pays, its like I'm having to go doctor to doctor, they say the other doctor should prescribe. So I'm the one living with the pain, without the right meds I'm useless, I have a hard time doing my day to day activities. It may be time to search for other doctors who understand their patients needs, I would give just about anything not to have this terrible condition, and the stress over this is not helping at all. Thanks for listening! Katrina  
on 8/13/09 2:40 pm - Vancouver, WA
My doc has me come in periodicaly to see how I'm doing and have a face to face, I assume to make sure I'm not zonked out on the meds. I don't have to do it monthly tho. I would tell them that you can't afford that many trips and that someone has to take charge of getting your meds filled. Now I do have to go to the office to pick up my prescription because it is a narcotic and they can't call it in to the pharmacy, maybe that is what they want you to do. My doc only gives me a months worth at a time and then I have to get a new script from the office and take it to the pharmacy. My pain specialist only sees me if I'm having trouble getting pain relief and once we get a plan going he turns me back over to my PCP. So maybe you need to have your PCP talk to the pain spec. and decide who is going to take care of  follow up care. I'd be a big pain in the butt tho till somebody takes charge, no sense you being in pain! Best of luck to you and I hope this gets resolved quickly!
on 8/15/09 6:08 pm
My doctor put me on neurontin twice a day and flexeril.   She did give me lortab so I can take a half one at bedtime.  But most of the time I am in pain and it even hurts to take a shower.  It makes it difficult to try to exercise.  I do good to make it to work sometimes.  Does anyone have any advise?  Thanks,  Chris
on 8/19/09 12:38 am - Oshkosh, WI
Hi Chris,

I was on neurontin twice a day for six months. It did almost nothing towards relieving pain. All it did was make my head feel fuzzy. I explained all of this to my doctor. He said that neurontin is standard therapy for fibromyalgia. I asked about something for pain & he practically barked at me. He said that he didn't believe in giving pain medication for fibromyalgia patients. I went home & called another doctor. This one has been a gem. She didn't know much about fibromyalgia, so she went to a day long seminar to learn. She gave me lyrica right away. It helped a little by itself. After the seminar she added tramadol and cymbalta. I still have good and bad days.

I can absolutely identify with the shower remark. Washing my hair is torture, likewise when I use the curling iron. It has something to do with holding my arms up for an extended period of time.

As far as advise,  I'd check around and find a doctor who is willing to work with this disease.
Roni W.
on 8/19/09 8:14 am - Forty Fort, PA
Hi Katrina! Not that long ago, it WAS required by the FDA that a patient visit the doctor every month, if being given a prescription for narcotics. Now, however, you are only REQUIRED by the FDA, to visit the doctor every THREE months, and on the other months, you can go in to the office and pick up your written prescription. That being said, however, every doctor has their own office policies! Next time you have a visit with your doctor who writes your scripts, I would just ask him/her what exactly their policy is? If you can just pick them up on the off months, when you don't actually see the doctor, then find out how many days notice you need to give them to have your written prescription ready, what info you need when you call, things like that.

At my doctor's office, he lets me skip an occasional months visit, and call in to pick up my scripts, but honestly, it's been so much of a hassle, I'd rather just go in for the office visit every month!  I've had the office staff "lose" my prescriptions for days at a time, things like just for me personally, I rarely take the chance anymore, and just go in for my appointment. I'm just now recovering from my surgery too though, so next month, who knows what I'll do? :)

Roni in PA :)
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on 8/20/09 3:35 am - ID

Maybe if you are in a pain clinic is would be different.  I am in a pain management clinic and I just call my pain patches and Norco in to them every 3 weeks, and that gives them 1 week to fill them.  But I don't ever see the doctor and I have been with the clinic for a long time.  I email the doctor or the pharmacist any questions and they either call me back or send an email.  I wanted to bump up my Norco because of my RNY and the pain still in my hips and bad in my knees but they just bumped up my patch to 50mcg, that way I get all the meds and I only use the Norco for the breakthrough.  I would see if you could get into a pain clinic.  They are better then the reg pcp.  These doctors aren't afraid to write the triplicates.  Give it a try and see if you can find one and let us know how it goes for you.  take care, Kristy

on 8/24/09 4:38 am - Houston, TX
Hello all, thank you for the responds! I just got back from vacation, at the last minute almost my rhematologist called in my pain meds. I had a nasty fall the last day in Florida  and busted my right knee pretty bad then came home to Houston to find my cat had died. My body is hurting all over.   Katrina
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