The Flex Belt - good, bad, or ???

on 10/26/10 11:32 am
As the weight is slowly coming off, it's obvious that I need to start getting some muscle tone. A friend suggested that while I'm working up to a more physical lifestyle that I purchase a Flex Belt.

This is a strap-on device you put around your waist and it electronically stimulates / "exercises" your ab muscles. They also have an attachment you can use on your arms.

I'm certainly not buying the hype that it's going to give me a six pack. (I currently have at least a full case on my stomach and not just a six pack.) But I'm wondering if this might have some benefit during the early phases of weight loss to minimize some of the sags.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this type of device? I asked my doc about it today during my 2-week post-op visit. He was not familiar with the product and didn't feel it would do any harm. But, he also didn't know if it would do any good.

Would love to hear from someone who has used the Flex Belt, Contour Ab Belt, or the Slendertone.
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on 10/26/10 6:19 pm, edited 10/26/10 6:24 pm
I don't have a flex belt or one of those weight loss things but I do have an interferential machine. A tens unit is basically the same thing but may cause pain for some people.  It has four leads where electricity goes through pads. You criss cross the wires over the area that causes you pain. I have been told the weight loss machines are basically the same thing. It has done nothing to tone but I absolutely love it because it takes my pain away. I refuse to take pain meds.

LOL I would turn it around and use it on my back, throw it around my shoulder, etc. I would say it would be like doing isometric movements. Your muscles do contract esp. if you crank it up. If you want/need to know, my inferential unit's price tag was $2,000. Not sure what a good price would be for the flex belt.

I just googled them. You only get 3 pads, not four like I have. The belt doesn't allow you to place the pads where you want them. The reason four is used is because of how the electricity flows. You can just use two with my machine but four works the best from all the studies. I would say you'll be replacing the pads at least every two weeks, you can stretch the use of them by cleaning the area with alcohol and getting the pads wet with water to make them more sticky.

I probably confused the issue more than helping. Good luck.

on 10/26/10 10:38 pm - Jersey Shore, PA
Sorry, no offense, but one word comes to mind...junk!

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on 10/27/10 12:14 am
Don't waste your money!  They were proven to be absolutely useless when they first hit the market several years ago (can't provide supporting documentation, it was a study published in a physical therapy journal that I would never be able to find now).  As someone who applies EMS to patients every day, I can promise you that for the abs, this will do nothing for you at all.  Even if you're not up for a hard workout yet, there are tons of things you can do that will be effective, with not one piece of hardware or machinery required.  I can help you with that if you need some pointers.  

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on 12/19/12 7:49 pm - Ad

i think we should find ourself because some has bad experience other has my opinion it is good.but quality will help .check

on 10/28/10 9:37 am
Thanks for your reply and perspective. I appreciate that.

I'd welcome any tips to help me get started to avoid sagging.
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