How Bout Them Eagles !!!

A. M.
on 10/3/05 2:29 am - Philadelphia, PA
Hello to everyone !! How bout that great come back the Eagles pulled out on Kansas City Chiefs ? and to Donovan Mcnabb who was in serious pain and he managed to get his game back in order to pull the win out. The chiefs, just couldn't hang on, even though they did score in the closing minutes. {{{ AHAD }}}
on 10/7/05 4:45 am - New York, NY
Yes that was a great game, and the week before with the raiders...we have a tight division this year, but we will see at the end who will be on top
on 1/8/09 2:45 pm - PA
RNY on 06/17/09 with
As a LOVER of the Philadelphia Eagles I can't wait to give the giants a good can of WHOOP-a**!!!
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