Self Pay

Rebecca B.
on 7/21/09 12:43 am - Apex, NC
Hello, I am 23 years old new to North Carolina and have recently made up my mind that I would like to have the Lap Band surgery due to my ever climbing weight. Am I the only person in the world who has to pay for their surgery out of pocket?  I know your going to ask, I have no insurance at all.

Any help out there from someone who has went through WLS out of pocket? I have been talking to Dr. Bovard in Wake Forest, NC and his practice has a 40% discount to those who are paying with no insurance.....

Please help I need support!!
Just M.
on 7/21/09 10:56 am
Are you trying to get a loan to pay for it? if so my surgeon has a couple of financing companies (advanced patient financing) and of course
yvonne M.
on 7/21/09 3:19 pm - garland, TX
Hi my name is Yvonne, im 25 and paid out of pocket for my surgery. but i researched both lapband and rny. both of them were not for me till i researched the vsg. unlike the band, i dont have to worry about the band slipping or eroding, and i dont have to worry about the long term effects of nutritional insufficiency as with the rny. since you will pay cash, with the band if something happens, you have to pay out of pocket for that as well. i have heard so many horror stories about the band. band slipping, eroding, having allergy to fill liquid and all. with all surgery there and pros and sons,but the band had more cons than pros "for me". i urge to to read so much about it before you decide to. if you want to talk more, pm me and i will give you my cell so we can talk more.

(deactivated member)
on 7/22/09 2:01 am - TN
Hi, Rebecca.  No, you are not alone.  There are many self-payers here.  I had to self pay for my VSG & I DO have insurance.  My insurance will cover WLS, but my BMI was not high enough & I didn't have enough co-morbids to qualify.  I wasn't willing to wait until I got even heavier & sicker, so DH busted his ass to get the money for me to have surgery.  We ended up taking out a personal loan for a small amount of it & DH's OT pay covered the rest. 

I know you are considering the LapBand (as I did in the beginning) but before you make up your mind, please research all the other options available.  I'm not trying to talk you out of the band, but I want you to be completely confident in your choice of WLS.

Good luck! 
on 7/22/09 2:19 am - Paterson, NJ
RNY on 04/15/09 with
I am 21 and was also self pay I used savings and care credit to pay for my surgery. care credit offers some zero interest options and the application was very easy to complete.
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on 8/1/09 8:17 am - las vegas, NV
Hey! My name Is Lori and I live in Las Vegas. Im 23 and just had surgery July 6th of this year. I am also a cash paying patient. The office was really great about getting me the lowest possible price for the total surgery. I had the Fobi Pouch Gastric Bypass with Dr Fobi in Long Beach CA. Im not even 1 month post opp. Im feeling ok. I took most of it out of savings and parents helped out with a portion. If you have any questions message me and I'll let you know whatever I can. First off I was thinking about getting LapBand, but later decieded that it was not for me.