COBRA insurance cover WLS?

T M.
on 12/8/09 11:17 am - Chicago, IL
VSG on 09/20/12
Hello everyone. Recently I lost my job and I'm on my husband's insurance. After completing all necessary referrals (ie psych eval, GI, sleep study...) I found out that my husband's insurance exclud WLS from insurance plan. I've read on here from other's same stories that self pay is the only option.

Yesterday I received a notice by mail for extension of my health insurance through the last company I worked for which was BCBS of Illinois HMO.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me from their experience if COBRA will pay for WLS. And if so, what do I need to to do if anything about my husband's insurance?
on 12/9/09 6:16 am - Livonia, MI
I currently have BCBS of Michigan and it's through Cobra. I lost my job last March, but held on to the insurance. I'm scheduled for a revision from lapband to VSG in 2 weeks. Cobra is the EXACT same insurance you had with the company in the first place. You are covered exactly as you would have been if you were still employed. If your old employer did not have a WLS exclusion, then you should be fine...

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