How long does the Lap-Band device last?

on 5/15/08 4:01 pm - Chatham, IL
I have been to my orientation meeting this past week and am in the early phases of planning to have a Lap Band.   One thing that concerns me is how long the Band itself will last?  The leader at my orientation meeting said they do not know long term how long the band lasts and if it will ever have to be replaced.  I was wondering if any other physicians say anything else?? Also, does anyone have any regrets?  Wishing they would have just done the weight loss without the surgery?   Thanks for any advice.  I guess I am a little nervous about it, but really feel this is the only way for me to go to maintain weight loss long term. 
on 5/15/08 4:19 pm
Welcome to OH. I had my surgery in march of this year and since have have lost around 50lbs given the day and time. My surgen said that the band will last as long as i do. It is there for good and will always be a tool for you to use unless you want it taken out. I was so scared at first and asked myself if i needed the procedure or if i could just do it myself. Well personally i couldnt. My wilpower is nothing and i new that if i was going to get healthy and back on track that this was the best way for me to go. The only time i ever regreted my decision was right before the surgery when i was scared to death. Since the surgery my life is 100% different. I feel better then i have in a long long time and i am starting to see the weightloss in my body. My blood pressure is back to normal and i am no longer pre-diabetic. The journey is different for everyone but i would do it all again in a heart beat. Here at OH you have people to support you and be here for you when you feel down or scared. It is very normal to be nervouse when making a life changing decision just know that if you have any questions or doubts we are here for for you. Congrats on taking the first step and going to a seminar. The band is for life and so are the changes. It is adjustable and can either work with you or wait until your ready to go further. Good luck to you.

We are all on this journey together.
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Congratulations on taking this step to get healthy. I plan on having the band for the rest of my life. The only reason to have the band taken out or replaced is if it slips or errods, which are not very likely but it does happen sometimes. I have been banded for 2 years and wonder why I did not do this sooner. I have lost a total of 150 lbs. with the band. Could I have lost this without the band, maybe but would I have kept it off, definately not!! I won't tell you this will be easy it's not, it's a big learning curve and you have to do your part, the band is only a tool. If you want the easy way out surgery you need to look into the DS, but then you have to take lots and lots of pills everyday and if you don't you will die, and with the RNY you take lots of pills  and a chance at regain so any type of surgery has its drawbacks. Just research everything before you make your decision.


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The data on the new bands is not in. There was an old band that had some mesh in it that seems to fail miserably. I did see one removed on Big Medicine and it was not pretty. But if you take good care and have GOOD after care, should there be a problem, you can address it. The device itself CAN get a leak as can the port. They replace the port if there is a leak. I ahve not actually heard of many band leaks conclusively here. Other things can happen as listed above. In my own individual experience, which is very short right now, I am happy with it. I am losing far slower than I wished out of the gate, but that is not the fault of the band....there is a learning curve that goes along with it and I also and dealing with the head hunger issues I never faced before. I am exercising more and resolvng some back issues along the way, so my overall health picture is vastly improving over preband.

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Know one can answer that question, doctors don't have an answer to that. That said, the band IS intended to last forever, however there have been many that suffered band slips and erosions and had to get the band removed. You should not fear getting the band it has been the best thing I have done for myself, I am healthier, I am more active, can exercise a lot without problems and I eat more healtheir as part of my commitment to a lifestyle change.

I am going on my 3rd year and I am pretty much to my goal weight , I have gone from a size 26 to a size 10 and most 12s pants and the 12 pants are geting too big now. I no longer diet, I try to eat healthy most days, but I eat what ever I want to with no weight gain, but I just cannot eat much, no more than about 1 cup of food or a couple bites of a sandwich and I also exercise at least 3 days per week

There are RULES to the lap band and you should obtain a copy from your surgeons office and they should direct you on how to follow the band rules on how to lose weight safely with the band. The recommended fill level is about 1 cup of solid food per meal, the tighter the band is the MORE issues one will have, it is just that simple, so most problems and issues with the band are self inflicted - hope this helps, WE control our fill levels on how loose or tight we maintain our bands, so you will get different results and different issues.

Good luck
on 5/16/08 1:41 am - Vancouver, WA
Our resident doc here, Dr. Curry, has said indefinitely.  There can be problems that arise but, in general, the band will physically outlast you.  My surgeon said the same as well. Not to be naive or anything because I fully expect to need to have at least one more surgery in my lifetime but not for a very long time.  Otherwise this baby is coming with me to the grave. I have absolutely no regrets.  I love my band and would do it again in a heartbeat!  I would never have been able to lose weight without my band. Lori
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Hi, I have had the lap-band since May, 2006. Loss of 96lbs (along with 2 babies) In Sept, 2011 I went in for a fill because I could tell I didn't have enough restriction. I discovered the band had a hole in it somewhere. It wasn't slipped or eroded, it plain has a whole. Now, I am having trouble getting a surgeon to remove it. Every one says they "wont touch someone else's band". So if you plan on moving, that is something to consider. I moved from MN to Oregon. My MN surgeon has retired. I am now under Kaiser Insurance and they are willing to remove it and I will do a gastric bypass as a replacement. I am now up 40lbs since 9/2011. NOT HAPPY at all about it.

Just my 2cents...they don't last forever! If someone had told me this could happen in 6 years I would have never done it.

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You guys are absolutely the best!  I am glad they told me about this website too!!  It seems that there is really good support here and people really care!  I know this is something I need to do to maintain LONGTERM weight loss.  I have done it too many times on my own only to gain it back and FAIL again!!!  Thanks for the advice and the support!  Good luck to the rest of you in your weight loss journeys!  Keep up the good work!  Looks like you guys are all doing great!!!!