what does NSV mean

on 11/7/10 9:12 am - Bardstown, KY
I'm not sure of all of the shortcuts in the conversations here.  What does NSV mean?
on 11/7/10 9:22 am
Non scale victory. Like going down a size even if scale isn't moving, or a compliment. Anything
Julie W.
on 11/7/10 9:36 am - Austin, TX
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AND...as you get those you should post them here....  It works to encourage others and serves as a reminder to you that you are actually getting some where :)  THey are wonderful to reflect back on as well :) I should have kept mine in blog form....I might go back and do that :)  they are great moments to keep :)

....just keep swimming ,
Swoosh :)
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on 11/8/10 6:23 am - Arlington, VA
 Here is an example of one for me:  Last Saturday, at 51 years of age, I went to Victoria Secret and bought something and it fit...first time in my life, I have never bought from them before. That was a NSV for me.
on 11/8/10 10:30 am - Bardstown, KY
Thanks, good people.  That makes sense.  Appreciate the help.