Intense pain upper right side?

on 12/31/10 6:42 am
I hate to complain but I have a sharp pain on my upper right side.. right below the bottom of my rib cage.  I can't for the life of me figure out why this is, its kinda close to my one little incision but a little to the right of it????.  THe port is much more to the left and lower. ??  anyone else have this..  IT feels like something is pulling and stabbing me under my skin???  It just started last night and off and on today.  ugh.  anyone have anything like this so I know if its normal.  Its off and on but if doesn' t let up I guess its a call to the Doc's answering service.  Happy New Year. lol 

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on 12/31/10 7:20 am - Jacksonville, FL
Aw OCMomma!  Please call and get that checked out!  Do you still have your gallbladder?  For me I was 11 days post op and mine ended up being Kidney stones.  But I suffer all weekend long!  I know it is New Years Eve but I would either call or maybe go in and get checked out.  Either one can be a side effort from the surgery.

Hoping for the best! 
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on 12/31/10 7:21 am
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I had pain in my right side when I was constipated with the band.  I did milk of magnesium and it would relieve it.  Do you still have your gallbladder?? could be it.



on 12/31/10 8:42 am
I so still have the gall bladder in fact they did pre-op tests on it but this was almost a year ago.  iT was fine then. 

I am finally OK in the plumbing dept. haha.  Hmmm I will wait as it comes and goes.  I went shopping today and stopped in the aisle and thought I had to be drug out by the cart.   Luckily it went away in a few minutes.    I have my post op appointment on Monday.. Maybe I can hold out til then,.   But your right it is right over the area of my gall bladder.ugh. Maybe just a bruise or something from surgery.  Who knows what they do when they are in there.  lol

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on 12/31/10 8:44 am - NY
Hi Momma.. I wrote yesterday and posted the same thing started with me same place under rib left is worst than yesterday...All day I stayed eating light..cream soup, cream farina, yogurt/ needless to say I still have it worst than before...I'm convinced its trapped gas..also I this going on food didn't do my stomach any good,,,,I'm hoping it goes away for both of your not alone...



on 12/31/10 8:55 am
Ouch.. its not fun.. Mine is on the right side.  Its not fun is it?   I don't think mine is gas cause I didn't have any after surgery.. it feels more like maybe a bad bruise or something poking under the skin in there.   My luck they left a hemostat in me. haha. 

I hope you feel better soon.  Happy New Year!!!!

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on 12/31/10 9:26 am
I was reading the posts and i was thinking gas.  Try putting both your arms and hands over your head try this a few times.  It helps to move the gas.  Hope you both are feeling better.   Doris QC.
on 12/31/10 9:11 am
2 weeks ago I had a stabbing pain on my left side I was freaking out and thought it was a kidney stone or my band so I went to the emergency room and they did some tests and it turned out top be a pulled muscle I was annoyed at being in the emergency room for 5 hours for a pulled muscle but glad it was nothing major, hopefuuly your issue is something just as dumb
on 12/31/10 10:26 am
I had my surgery on the 14Th and I know what you are talking about. I went back to work and what did I do? I pulled my stitches. It felt like my side was ripped out. I called my surgeon and he told me the stitches pulled on the muscle and caused the muscle to bleed and have inflammation. It was painful. I think it was more painful than my surgery. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Get some rest.

Kerry B.
on 1/1/11 1:12 am
A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with intense pain around the same spot.  It turned out to be a pulled muscle, but it took a good two weeks to start feeling relief.  I went right away to see my doctor (PA) and called several times because I was worried-it was so close to my port. I don't have my gall bladder though and that was the first thing they asked me. Hope you get some relief soon. (Thermacare heat packs helped my situation.)
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