Success of lap band after 5 years

Kathy R.
on 7/11/11 2:14 am
Does anyone know the success of lap banders after 5 years?  I was just wondering what the rate was of loosing weight and keeping it off.
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on 7/11/11 2:21 am - Califreakinfornia , CA
Here are some links for you to look through.
This is interesting in that the LapBand patients long-term assorted into two types when you plot weight:
"It has been our perception that the weight loss results after gastric bypass are relatively normally and tightly distributed around the mean, making it relatively predictable. However, we have found that the results after adjustable gastric banding are more highly variable. In fact, there appears to be 2 groups of patients after this restrictive operation. One group, that is able to work well and does not struggle much against the restriction, accepts the limits that it imposes, and another group, that does not easily learn to deal with the restriction and hence mal-adapts." bmed
"The placement of a gastric band appears to be a disservice to many morbidly obese patients and therefore, in the current culture of evidence based medicine, the prevalent use of laparoscopic gastric banding can no longer be justified."
"However, because nearly 1 out of 3 patients experienced band erosion, and nearly 50% of the patients required removal of their bands (contributing to a reoperation rate of 60%), LAGB appears to result in relatively poor long-term outcomes."
"LAGB can achieve an acceptable weight loss in some patients, but the failure in one out of four patients does not allow proposing it as a first-line option for the treatment of obesity."
"Of the study population, 146 (52.9%) patients had at least one complication requiring reoperation. Presently, only 148 (53.6%) patients still have their original band, 49 (17.8%) had their original band replaced with a new one, and 79 (28.6%) had their band removed."
"The percent of excess weight loss at 4 years was higher in the gastric bypass group (68 ± 19% vs. 45 ± 28%, respectively, P < 0.05)."
7 year study on lapbands, with SOME patients converted to RNY:
"Patients converted to gastric bypass, and those retaining gastric bands throughout the study had very similar outcomes."

Kathy R.
on 7/12/11 2:26 am
Thank you for the information and websites.
Bette B.
on 7/11/11 9:08 am
 I certainly can't speak for every bander. But this is me day of surgery (December 2003):

and this is me a couple of months ago:

and (at left) a week ago


Banded 10 years & maintaining my weight loss!! Any questions, message me.

Jean M.
on 7/11/11 9:43 am
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I'm coming up on my 4th bandiversary, so maybe I don't qualify to answer your question, but I'm still loving my band. There are members who've been banded longer than me who don't visit this forum very often now, so I'll give them a heads-up and hope that they jump in with their own comments.


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on 7/11/11 9:46 am - NY
VSG on 11/08/11 with
The band is the least successful out of all the 4 wls. 50% of excess weightloss has been shown in many studies. Do you only want to lose 1/2 your weight? Research your options. I had mine out today and the nurse says they have ppl having the band removed lie.
Kathy R.
on 7/12/11 2:28 am
Thanks for your reply.  I would have to pay for it I guess since I had to pay to have it put in; my insurance wouldn't cover it.  Is it as expensive to have it removed as it is to have it put in or do you know this?
Phyllis C.
on 7/12/11 2:54 am
If you are self pay, the band is an extremely bad idea for economic reasons alone.  Fills and unfills will not be covered by ins., and that could get quite costy.  Many bandsters have to have diagnostic tests and surgeries for corrections and removal.  There is a lot that can go wrong with a mechanical device.

The VSG is a restrictive surgery like lapband, only without the fills unfills and all of the expensive follow up care. 

Other than economic considerations, there is also quality of life and weight loss issues that may not be very optimistic with the band.

Do lots of research.

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on 7/12/11 3:55 am - North, MA
6 years 3 months, still maintaining and had no major issues. It worked great for me.

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on 7/12/11 8:49 am - Athens, GA

Great pics Mira. Congrats!!!


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