Reaching Out "old" Lap Bander

on 5/22/17 9:49 am - Roanoke, VA

Been MIA for quite awhile. Have gained about

75 pounds of 100 lost. Still interested in trying.

Any suggestions?

on 5/22/17 11:29 am


When I need to get back on the wagon I go back and do research, try to remember what you did like and make a plan! Plan all your food for the whole week on Sunday (that is when I have time), and make sure to plan some activities for the time of the day you know you will be looking for a snack for no good reason!

Once the research and plan is done take it day by day. If I get overly consumed with having to deal with my eating plan all week I go crazy! So I just try to stick to the present even meal by meal....

Good luck!


on 5/22/17 4:48 pm - Roanoke, VA

Thank you Mell! That sounds like a good plan.

Dale Elaine S.
on 6/2/17 1:19 pm - Moultrie, GA

My lapband slipped. Had to have it removed. I am taking Victoza and have lost 25 pounds in 10 weeks. It really works.

       Lapband 2/25/08; Removed 6/26/10;
      Don't know what to do now

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