burning/stinging/needle pain!!

R. Duenaz
on 6/5/11 10:44 pm
I just emailed my bariatric nurse to get me a refferal so I can get diagnosed for my pain...at this point I am convinced I either have arthritis or lupus...about 10 years ago I started having a burning sensation in my left shoulder blade to this day its still there but the only way I can describe the pain is it not only feels like its burning inside the muscle but almost like a bunch of needles being stuck in my shoulder blade area all at the same time...I also have imense tension that runs up to the back of my neck and all down the top side of my shoulder right in the croock of my neck....I feel I have flares especailly now that I have a regular menstral cycal its worse and that whole area all the muscles get so so tight that all I can do is self deep tissue massage over and over again it doesnt really help but pain is so sever at times that I automatically just massage shoulder and neck....I aslo have a small hard painful lump at the top of shoulder/collar bone its so tender and painful but hard...it also feels like I have nerve damage there because I can have a deep tissue massage in that area and I feel like a numbness in the whole area like they have to push harder for me to feel a release of pressure in the muscle...on my right side Im super sensitive....Ive had physicall therapy in the past with no help..I've had xrays that show no abnomalities in that area...I have a chiropractor adjust me when my neck tenses up so bad I have to go see her she also sets me up with her massage therapist of course it helps on the day I got the massage and maybe the next day but after returning from my physically demanding job at a grocery store where I'm doing repetetive motion, lifting and pulling  packs of  water and gallons of milk I'm right back where I started...Ive also in the past year thought I've had bladder or yeast infections and nothing has come from both times Ive complained to my doctor they only tested protien in my urine and maybe they are not making the connection to lupus because they where not looking for it they where only looking for bladder or yeast infection because thats what I thought I had at the time...I also have numbness in my toes that at one time I thought it was because I was boarderline diabetic and carrying extra 140lb on my frame could not be good for my toes so I figured it was due to the extra weight...I have the worst  insomnia and when I finally do sleep all I want to do is sleep...I get out of work at 1am, I fall asleep at 6am, I get up at 2pm to get ready to return to work at 4pm...I'm depressed all the time and in turn makes me want to eat junk my weight loss has stalled for last 2 months at 215 down from 304...so since my primary care doctor all she wants to do is send me to physical therapy I emailed my bariatric nurse to see if he can help me with my issues...I hope I hear from him as soon as possible...I wanted to know if anyone has simialr pain or if anyone would describe their pain similar to mine...thank you for reading my problems
on 6/27/11 11:47 pm - Somewhere, AL

It might not be Lupus, the problem could with your neck. I had some the same systems and it was discovered that my neck was causing all the pain. I add suregery and they replaced C3,C4 and C5 with donor bone and attached a titamium plate. I was constantly in pain, but after surgery I feel 90% better.

I had a MRI that showed the detect that was pressing on my spine.
Heidi Nichols
on 8/17/11 2:04 pm - Orlando, FL

Hello , 
                       Don't if you have been check for being a diabectic alot of the issues you stated are signs of dibectic. As for the pains in your arm and back and neck . I have the same issues and been to serveral doctors and they are says I have a narrowing of a nerve in my neck that is causing the pain and when I get stress out the nerve gets inflamed and retrack cause alot of pain they gave me muscle relieves seens to dull the pain . And I got shots in my arm amd neck never again on that it never work and hurts like hell. Well good luck and hope you start feeling better.

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