11 years post op today...RNY

on 10/9/17 9:58 am

Wow!! How time flies! It just seemed like yesterday they were rolling me into the operating room. At the time, RNY was considered sort of an experimental surgery. I had hit a high of about 300 pounds (you can see on my profile). I got down to 272 on the day of the surgery. I've hit a low of 187. Here (Sunday night) I am at 199. Would I do it over again? In a heartbeat. For those of you on the fence about getting the surgery done...If you and your doctor feel good about it...DO IT!! It could save your life...It did mine. I was dying at the time. I had an ejection/fraction rate of 35% in my heart (congestive heart failure). I asked the cardiologist "is there anything they could do"?? He said "you may want to try gastric bypass". I self paid (since my insurance wouldn't cover it) and quickly jumped through the hoops to have the surgery (Psych, nutritionist, surgeon consult, labs). Went in and got my surgery. The internet was pretty new at the time. It was really hard to find current information about issues other people were facing. OH was our lifeline to these issues. It has been a big help and support to me over these years. I got to walk both my daughters down the aisle. I am able to collect social security (I turned 62 last month...But will wait till 65). I am still active (moving slower/with more gray hair). Over the years I had a regain up to about 235. But because of heart issues I have worked on trying to keep the weight down. I don't feel hunger (with the vagas nerve cut, it helps). Life is good. I just wanted to post for you newer people who wonder what you look like 1-11 years down the road. I tried to take pictures every years on my surgiversary...They are on my profile if you would like to take a look. Life is good...Thanks for reading. Brian PS I weighed today (true 11 years...Was 197.5)!!

Don 1962
on 10/9/17 5:20 pm

Congratulations on the 11 years of success!

on 10/12/17 6:05 am
VSG on 11/28/16


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