Sunday Weigh In

Don 1962
on 10/22/17 7:00 am

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Last week: 188.4

This week: 187.8

May take more than a dump for some of us but it's the thought that counts! Every little bit counts. Fingers crossed for significant drop this week. GF gone for most of week so having to fend for myself for a few days.

M-State beat up on Kentucky, Alabama walked over the Vols, thank you LSU for handling Ol' Miss. M-State comes to College Station Saturday. Like to go but tickets for ANY Aggie game always hard to come by at a reasonable price. Congrats to the Houston Astros for their first time of going to the World Series. Have not been much of a Astros follower since Nolan Ryan left them. Did see several games in the old Astrodome growing up.

Have a Great Week!!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 10/22/17 12:36 pm, edited 10/22/17 5:39 am

197...Missed last week. My wife and I went on vacation...Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon...Two days each. Had a really good time...Never been to either. Non smoking and gaming hotel. Saw two shows...Both were really good. Also The Grand Canyon was nice. I think because of the fires in the Napa Valley area, many tourist got diverted to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. Below are the two shows we saw...Terry Fator and Mac King. No buffets so no real eating problems...But felt like I had to tip everyone!! Have a great week...Brian

Don 1962
on 10/22/17 3:15 pm

Always able to manage Vegas by eating at the in-house coffee shops or hit the nearby Denny's or IHOP and splitting with the GF. Granted Vegas prices even at the "chain" eateries are jacked up compared to the your local outlets. You are right about the tipping! If you don't tip they get down right persnickety!

on 10/22/17 5:37 pm
VSG on 11/28/16

192.1 Last week
194.6 Today

Food: B
Water: A
Vitamins: A
Exercise: D

Not happy but maybe a reason. Friday and Saturday enjoyed some delicious, bult very salty, Slovenian sausage. Water
weight, that's the story I'm sticking with :-)

Last time I was in Vegas was a year before WLS. I'd love to go back and be able to do more. We went on the Hoover Dam
excursion. 5 hour tour! I'd do it again and highly suggest it!

Great week to everyone.


Don 1962
on 10/23/17 3:24 am

Hoover Dam is an impressive piece of engineering all done with paper and pencil! With OSHA etc to contend with today I doubt seriously if it could ever be replicated.

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