Here's how to keep stepping forward

on 7/6/14 6:44 pm - Culpeper, VA

“All the good intentions and motivation can quickly go out the window if you have a set back. Here's how to keep stepping forward:”

We can read all the insight on what is effective for getting healthy, but as W.T. Grant once said, "None of the secrets of success will work unless you do." When you're motivated, write down all the reasons you want to achieve this goal. Write in a letter to yourself. When you're losing motivation, pull out your letter. In your letter, include some thoughts on what setbacks you've had in the past, why you gave up and the result: You lost 25 pounds but then hit a plateau. After a couple of weeks of the scale not moving, you quit working out and eating right. You forgot how excited you were to have lost the 25 pounds and that you felt so much better. After you gained the 25 pounds back you felt like a failure and you'd wished you hadn't given up so easily. When you're writing your letter, tell yourself what to do to keep motivated: Don't give up! You'll just end up starting over again in six months when you realize how tight your clothes are and how yucky you feel. You ARE doing this, NOW! Do you really want to lose all the ground you've made? NO! You are allowed to take the next workout day off. Regroup. Think about what you can do different. Set a new goal for the next six weeks with a different twist. Go to the gym at a different time of the day. Make sure you're drinking enough water. How about going for a walk a couple times a week, too? Remember, this won't work if you don't. You can do this!
Yes, it sounds a little odd, but treat yourself like a good friend. Be direct and honest. Sometimes, being your own best friend can be the best motivator.

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