Hair loss

on 7/7/14 1:21 am
RNY on 11/17/14

I am one nutrition visit away from qualifying for surgery and I am scared to death about losing my hair. There is not alot I like about myself but I do like my hair lol. Has everyone here lost alot of hair? I have pretty thick hair so a little loss I can handle just don't want to be bald :(

Michelle in NC


on 7/7/14 3:38 pm

I lost a ton of hair when I had spinal surgery. I was super depressed because of my hair loss.

Then my aunt told me to start taking, Prenatal vitamins!

I did & just a month later I started to notice my hair was growing back in. I was overjoyed! Didn't care thatthey were short & ssticking straight up in the air... They were growing back! Now after a year... My hair is thicker than before. 

I'm so greatful my aunt told me to take those Walmart Prenatal vitamins!

I recommend you take them 2 months before surgery. One pill,  Once daily. They come over 200 per bottle.

Best of luck!

on 8/7/14 3:05 am
Mini Gastric Bypass on 03/18/14

lol, I haven't went bald, but I did have thick hair at the time of surgery, As my 6 months of being out, I have lost a bit of hair, the most scary thing for me is when it first happen, I right then freaked out. thinking I was "going bald" But I do know there is a lot of healthy stuff you can do also in some vitamins, That help a little with that, My nurse told me there is a over the counter pill an a shampoo to use, If it ever come to you losing hair, Just remember to stay calm no freak out like I had done