I Bailed On the VSG

on 5/10/17 7:55 pm, edited 5/10/17 7:55 pm

Hey everyone!

I had my surgery date of May 17th for the VSG. It was a SUPER hard six months with tons of work to get approved (I have other health issues as well) and I was in the pre-op diet phase.

It all of a sudden hit me that this was real and it was so close. I had been super excited. I told my wife I was starting to have doubts and we had a really long talk about all of the reasons why I was doing the surgery.

In the end, we decided that it wasnt the right time. My reasons for doing the surgery right now arent good enough to go through such a drastic body/life change.

My wife's sister has been doing WW for 6 months and lost 50 pounds. She got my wife on board who also started losing weight and now that I have started, I am losing weight as well. Also having two other people you can do the program with makes it more fun for us.

I hope this works and I will still be working toward my goal diet - mostly plant based, NO processed food, and only local meat and dairy. And my goal weight - 175.

Does anyone else eat this way? I could use some tips and tricks to do the fruits and veggies on the cheaper side.

My wife and I use the names - macphersonj and macphersonl if anyone wants to become friends on WW connect!

on 5/15/17 8:35 am

You are brave! Thank you!

on 6/12/17 5:49 pm

hello, I bailed out after my Dr. bailed on me. I was having vsg due to my diabetes. I had the lap band removed 2.5 years ago after having it for 5 years. I lost 45 lbs and gained back 17 lbs. They felt that I may have had risky complications b/c I'm a light weight already. I was hurt but got over it pretty quickly. WW is going to see me again and I'm aiming to lose big time for health reasons

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