Does this mean TriCare just approved me for a TT?

Bonnie S.
on 2/4/10 4:02 am - San Antonio, TX
RNY on 11/24/08 with
Hello yall! I requested a referral from my PCP to plastics for a TT, and was told last week that I got the referral and that the PS office at BAMC would be giving me a call, and if I didnt hear from them then I should call them.

Unrelated I had to call the referral line about a Hemotology appt for an iron infusion and afterwards I asked the lady about my PS appointment since I never heard from them and she said that they sent my info to Tricare to send me off post and that I hould be getting a letter of off post providers in the mail soon.... really?

Does this mean that I am approved? Am I just being nieve, becasue ve heard it can be hard to get insurance to approve this... BUT it was just about this easy to get my RNY approved..... thoughts? Ideas? Recomendations?


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on 2/4/10 4:18 am
sounds like you've just got authorization to go see a  plastic surgeon.  Have you already had a consultation, pictures taken, etc.?  Most insurances require pictures, letter of medical necessity from your PCP etc. before they will approve the surgical procedure.  It can be a tricky process.  Good Luck!
on 2/4/10 7:42 am
 You have to see a PS and have them submit to tricare before you have approval.They will pay for the visit to the PS even if they do not approve surgery. That is why you need documentation of health issues concerning it and a good surgeon to fight for you. I am waiting now to hear if I get approved. I saw the PS last week. I do not know when they will submit it so I am just waiting until I hear something.I have no idea how long it will take. I wish you luck.

on 2/4/10 10:31 am - FL

Please (as in I'm begging) let us know if Tricare approves you.  I am also TriCare and will be looking at a TT next year, so would love to know if you were able to get it paid for.

Thanks sooooooooo much!!!!

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